‘Quantum Leap’ Trans Episode Is A Ratings Low

Hundreds of thousands of fans tune out the latest episode of the reboot. Can they make right what is currently wrong?

Hundreds of thousands of fans tune out the latest episode of the reboot. Can they make right what is currently wrong?

'Quantum Leap' Suffers Series Ratings Low With Transgender Episode

The Quantum Leap ratings continue to tank as Monday’s episode centering around a Latino transgender child suffers the lowest ratings of the reboot.

The show went on a mid-winter hiatus and with that, the audience also went on a hiatus and hasn’t come back.

Monday’s Episode 12, “Let Them Play,” about a transgender boy/girl who wants to play on the highschool basketball team only saw 1.735 million viewers tune in, with the episode getting a 0.3 rating, according to the preliminary numbers.

The previous low was Episode 10 with 1.75 million viewers, so depending on the final numbers, Monday’s transgender episode could be the lowest ratings of the series to date.

We also see that the previous episode, Episode 11, had a decent amount of viewers (see ratings below), but Monday’s episode lost around 365k viewers.

Regarding the episode, I haven’t seen it, but I was alive in 2012 and don’t recall transgender children being much of a topic, especially with Latino families, but it’s obvious the woke show creators want to virtue signal in order to fit with the times.

Worth a mention is that Quantum Leap also doesn’t star any white male characters (Mason Alexander Park identifies as non-binary) and sports a progressive cast, which of course is all intentional.

Quantum Leap also goes on another two-week break for some reason and returns Jan. 20 with Episode 13, “Family Style,” described as: When Ben leaps into an Indian family to try and prevent their beloved family restaurant from burning down, he finds an emotional connection with their matriarch through memories of his own. Magic and Jenn share a surprising revelation with Ian.

Quantum Leap ratings transgender episode

Quantum Leap ratings:

Episode 1: 3.348 million viewers / 0.47 rating

Episode 2: 2.772 million viewers / 0.34 rating

Episode 3: 2.579 million viewers / 0.36 rating

Episode 4: 2.464 million viewers / 0.40 rating

Episode 5: 2.413 million viewers / 0.35 rating

Episode 6: 2.220 million viewers / 0.33 rating

Episode 7: 2.327 million viewers / .033 rating

Episode 8: 2.65 million viewers / 0.40 rating


Episode 9: 2.305 million viewers / 0.32 rating

Episode 10: 1.704 million viewers / 0.30 rating

Episode 11: 2.10 million viewers / 0.29 rating

Episode 12: 1.735 million viewers / 0.30 rating

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