Prime Video’s ‘Rings Of Power’ Season 2 Trailer Has Over 400K Dislikes

Follows the poor reception to Season 1. The series is the most expensive show ever made.

prime video rings power season 2 trailer youtube dislikes

Following the poor reception to Season 1, now Prime Video fails massively with the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Season 2 trailer, which has over 400k dislikes on YouTube.

The trailer was released only three days ago, and likewise, a “Look Inside Season 2” video posted two days ago has nearly 30k dislikes.

Season 1 also has a 38% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, which corroborates fans aren’t happy with the series that reportedly is the most expensive show ever made.

It was also previously reported that only 37% of viewers actually finished watching Season 1.

Sweden-based Embracer, which owns Lord of the Rings, has recently announced Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis are developing two new movies at Warner Bros., and there is the upcoming The War of the Rohirrim anime opening on Christmas, both of which have nothing to do with Prime Video’s Rings of Power.

Check out reactions to the Season 2 trailer below.

lord rings power season 2 youtube dislikes
Screenshot via Prime Video YouTube

What do the comments say?

A comment with 34k likes says: What impress me the most about this trailer,.. they haven’t turned the comments section off.

22k likes: Elves: “Oh no, Halbrand is actually Sauron!” Halbrand: puts on wig and pointy ears Elves: “Where did he go? Must’ve been the wind…”

6.5k likes: I’m still convinced that this show is a gigantic money laundering scheme.

5.6k likes: One wig to rule them all. One wig to hide him. One wig to fool them all. And now they can not find him.

5.3k likes: Halbrand: I don’t wear half my wigs half as much as I would like, and I wear less than half my wigs half as much as they deserve.

4.9k likes: Before this comment section shuts down, I just need all of you to collectively know: you’ve made me laugh so hard I pulled a muscle in my lower back, and have added 50 years to my life. Thank you

4.4k likes: Galadriel: No man can fool me. Sauron: puts on wig* I am no man.

3.6k likes: One wig to prank them all

3.2k likes: Y’all better apologize to Clark Kent’s disguise right TF now.

1.2k likes: An evil has returned” Yes Amazon, yes it has.

1.2k likes: You have my Sword” “And you have my bow” “AND MY WIG!!”

2.5k likes: This shit makes me realize that Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy was a miracle

Watch the trailer:

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