NYCC A Disaster: Deaths, Fights, Robbery, Unsafe Conditions

Various reports offer the New York Comic-Con was littered with bad seeds that ruined it for a lot of fans.

NYCC A Disaster: Deaths, Fights, Robbery, Unsafe Conditions

In what sounds like it’s straight out of Gotham City, it looks like yours truly made the right call not to attend this year’s NYCC put out by ReedPop as it is reported there were deaths, fights, and unsafe conditions.

In order to appease the Californians coming in (I am guessing), ReedPop mandated masks for the NYCC even though New York State has no mask requirement (does California???).

In addition, various DC Comics activities mandated vax and testing as well, including the exclusive Bat Cowl event with Jim Lee and Tom King (and I believe the upcoming Oct 12 screening of Black Adam in NYC).

So, much like I did for the San Diego Comic-Con, I said f— all that BS and didn’t bother attending the NYCC even though I get a free pass (I was in San Diego but outside the SDCC where more action takes place).

Just like the SDCC, the ReedPop and the NYCC didn’t bother enforcing the mask mandates. How could they? It’s laughable and a complete joke.

NYCC (2019)
NYCC (2019)

NYCC problems

Bleeding Cool posted multiple articles on the problems surrounding this year’s NYCC.

The site reports the ReedPop NYCC staff was trying to hand out masks, but two feet behind them, exhibitors not wearing masks were giving away free stuff.

Twitter is full of images showing people without masks; good for them.

NYCC (2019)
NYCC (2019)

Two deaths at NYCC

Sadly, there were two deaths at the NYCC, one inside and one outside.

Cosplayer Mitch Drucker died due to suffering a seizure and a heart attack where onlookers didn’t bother to help but took pictures.

The second death occurred outside of the New York Comic-Con when someone reportedly slipped and fell.

NYCC (2019)
NYCC (2019)

Robberies at the NYCC and Artist Alley

People took to social media to complain about all the robberies that took place.

It’s pretty messed up as two Capital security guards are said to have had their vests stolen that were used by the thieves to loot and steal from booths all over Artists Alley. 

Thieves and pickpockets are also said to have stolen numerous phones, camera equipment, backpacks, expensive stickers and pins, swag bags, and more.

NYCC (2019)
NYCC (2019)

Fights at the NYCC

We’re not done there as apparently an incident happened at the press line involving a blogger or reporter who got aggressive about not being able to get into the convention early.

So that caused the opening of the entire press area to be delayed, which of course meant that no press could get in on time.

It’s also said there were fights at the Peach Momoko signing, which caused her to stop signing for all the remaining fans.

NYCC (2019)
NYCC (2019)

Outside NYCC is a disaster

As noted, comic book artist Ryan Stegman also said walking outside of the NYCC in the streets of NYC was a disaster.

“Saw a man shooting up in the middle of the sidewalk this afternoon and a bunch of rats last night! New York really lived up to my expectations of what I thought it was as a child!!!!” tweeted Stegman.

I’ve attended numerous conventions and never felt unsafe at any time, so this is quite shocking to me.

I will say I did have an incident myself at a bar in Manhattan at the 2019 Comic-Con.

I was chatting with people in the industry and someone who worked on Elder Scrolls. We had a fine chat and everyone was getting along.

Then President Trump was shown on the TV at the bar and they all started saying negative comments. I just kept to myself, which they recognized and accused me of supporting Trump. My new-found Elder Scrolls friend immediately blew a head gasket and started screaming in my face. I didn’t react and kept cool but he kept at it, so I responded, which saw the bar security intervene. Everyone pointed at the Elder Scrolls guy and said it was his fault, that I wasn’t doing anything, and that guy got kicked out of the bar.

Again, no worries as I never felt unsafe, especially coming from those types of people (I can handle myself).

I do recall at that same 2019 NYCC feeling that the area around the Javitz Center was on the decline (much like Los Angeles), but it seems we probably have the NYC politicians to thank for the even further decline.

Where’s Batman when you need him?

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