No Agents Of SHIELD Marvel Netflix Crossover Going To Happen


no agents shield marvel netflix crossover No Agents Of SHIELD Marvel Netflix Crossover Going To Happen

With Marvel TV being responsible for Agents Of SHIELD as well as the Marvel Netflix shows, you would think a crossover could happen at some point (even DC managed Flash and Supergirl with two different networks).

However, outside a venue at Comic-Con, it’s learned a crossover isn’t going to happen any time soon, as apparently, there happens to be some corporate mumbo jumo at Marvel TV that’s not going to allow it.

The cast of Agents Of SHIELD is asked which Marvel character they would like to “chase after” in the below video with the mention of a crossover coming up in the discussion.

Clark Gregg talks about the possibility of Agent Coulson meeting Iron Fist offering he would love to see it happen, but due to red tape, it’s not.

Because it was one of my favorite comics as a teen, I would have said Daniel Rand, Iron Fist, but suddenly there’s a gigantic invisible force-field barrier called “Corporate Stuff,” unless who knows, maybe we will develop a weapon to break through that, and get me over to Netflix for a minute. I would like that. But if that barrier came down, then God knows I’d want to talk to Luke Cage. After seeing the footage… Oh, yeah. [Mike] Colter is a beast.

Maybe this shouldn’t be all that surprising as it’s already known the “Marvel” brand at Disney is rather divided. There’s Marvel Studios, who recently feueded with the TV/comics people over the movies and parted ways. Now we even see there is some sort of divide within Marvel TV? Perhaps the contract with Netflix and/or ABC states the characters can’t appear elsewhere?

I’m surprised Disney is actually letting this happen within Marvel — that everything is so divided — which is opposite what Warner Bros. and DC are doing (Geoff Johns is the glue that binds DC). Marvel Studios also launched their own social networks and did away with their comic book opening for their movies, instead using film footage. Honestly, I can’t help but wonder if Marvel Studios will start to make more original stories (similar to Guardians of the Galaxy) and adapt less of the Marvel Comics, especially considering a lot of the comic book stories from the past 10-20 years were headed by the Marvel TV guys. With Marvel Studios being such a success (and TV/Comics no so much), I wouldn’t mind if Disney would bring everything at Marvel under Feige’s fold.

You know what they say about a house divided, right, Bob Iger? 

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