Spike Lee Rumored For Nightwatch Spider-Man Spinoff Movie

Spike Lee Rumored For Nightwatch Spider-Man Spinoff Movie

It’s again being rumored that Spike Lee may direct the Nightwatch Spider-Man spinoff movie.

Last year September saw Spike Lee rumored to be eyed to direct Nightwatch for Sony, and now Variety offers a further update.

It’s said Spike Lee is involved in the early stages of the Nightwatch movie in which he will potentially direct, with the Nightwatch script being written by Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker.

It’s probably no coincidence news of Nightwatch hits the net especially seeing how Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is doing so huge. We can guess Black Panther has paved the way for other black superhero movies. Sony was probably waiting to see how Black Panther did at the box office, and since Black Panther is presently over a billion dollars, there is probably less hesitancy on the part of Sony regarding Nightwatch.

Nightwatch, aka the African-American scientist Dr. Kevin Trench, saw his future self get killed while battling terrorists who was using a super suit made up of self-replicating nanites. Trench steals the suit and uses it to investigate the origins of his future self as well as battling crime. The Nightwatch suit can repair itself, suppress pain, and enhance speed, strength and senses to a superhuman level.

Nighwatch will be a part of Sony’s Spider-Man universe also featuring Tom Hardy’s Venom and the Silver Sable and Black Cat movie, Silver and Black.

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