Movie Studios Holding Out New Footage Over Leaks At Cons? That’s BS


Suicide Squad Trailer

Can’t bite my tongue on this one guys…

The past couple of days saw the Hollywood trade news site Deadline (owned by Jay Penske, son of billionaire Roger Penske, and owner of Variety and TVLine) report that the movie studios are considering not releasing any more footage following the “leaks” that occurred this past weekend at Comic-Con.

Deadline went even so far as to call the fans that recorded the footage “copyright-thieving weasels,”– but we guess it’s okay when a rival site like THR posts an exclusive, and then ten minutes later Deadline reports the same thing without giving credit (lol).

While Deadline doesn’t cite specific sources that state the movie studios are not considering releasing new footage, they state: “Insiders said that this breach of etiquette might carry consequences at future Comic-Cons.”

I’m going to have to call complete BS on this one, guys.

I do know that studios intentionally leak stuff themselves (such as the Man of Steel shirtless Henry Cavill set pics), and they will even leak stuff intentionally to make sure the images are of high quality and not a paparazzi shot from a distance or a low quality fan pic.

I don’t know if they leaked the Comic-Con footage, but last year’s Batman Vs. Superman leaked trailer that went viral looked pretty obvious as some guy was holding up his camera high in the air seemingly near a doorway.

Regardless what’s what, we do know leaking stuff is beneficial; so to say, for example, that “Fox might not show any more footage at the SDCC” is ridiculous as even Ryan Reynolds, at this past Comic-Con, thanked the “asshole” who first leaked the Deadpool test footage as that is why the movie is now being made and why they are all at the Con.

In Deadline’s latest article on the leaks, they state WB couldn’t keep up with all the pirates out there, so they decided to release the Suicide Squad trailer.

That’s more BS.

How do I know? About an hour following the release of the official Suicide Squad trailer, the leaked version was taken down. Obviously, WB let the leaked version stay up for the free PR (guessing millions of dollars worth), and then went with the official version. So in essence, WB gets to release the Suicide Squad trailer twice (can’t go wrong there).

It’s not like the leak hurt the number of views for the official Suicide Squad trailer as it is (probably increased them due to the hype). Last I checked, on Facebook the Suicide Squad trailer has 6.7 million views, and on YouTube it’s at 3.9 million — and that doesn’t even include views by sites that use their own player.

I’m not sure why Deadline is trying to spin this – unless it’s just to add more hype – but hey, it is working and the fans are pretty happy, which in the long run makes the studios happy.

Why so serious, guys?

Update: Ironically enough, Deadline’s sister site, Variety, releases an interview with Ryan Reynolds who states the Deadpool leak is a gift from God.

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