Marvel Replaces Another White Character – Giant-Man



Now before anyone tweets out or leaves a comment accusing me of racism or whatever, do me a favor, when Marvel replaces a minority character with a white male character, then call me out.

Yeah, I’m waiting for a white Black Panther or Luke Cage (not really).

The PC police at Disney are once again in full force (as they were last night during the ESPYs) as Marvel Comics has now replaced Scott Lang’s Ant-Man.

The new Ant-Man is Raz Malhotra who is gay and looks to be from Indian/Pakistani/Asian descent.

This week’s Ant-Man annual saw Scott Lang give Raz the Giant-Man costume noting, “You can’t do worse than I did!”

Raz was kidnapped by Egghead but saved by Ant-man and Hank Pym and received the Giant-Man costume.

Giant-Man is the latest white character at Marvel to be replaced, which includes Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Richard Rider Nova. And other characters have simply been copied with more PC-friendly characters including: a female Star-Lord, Miles Morales Spider-Man and female Blade (am I forgetting anyone? update: Wolverine, Ghost Rider).

Again my arguement isn’t against introducing diversity, but it’s against replacing characters just for the sake of it.

I agree with Stan Lee and Michelle Rodriguez: Just create new characters. What happened to the House of Ideas?