Marvel’s Quantumania Production ‘Absolutely Chaotic’

Actress Katy O'Brian reveals the script and fight scenes weren't finished even on the last day.

marvel quantumania confirms chaotic production


  •  Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania had a chaotic production and filming schedule
  • The film performed poorly at the box office, likely leading to changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s plans for future films
  • The “Marvel way” of writing and producing films, with a heavy reliance on CGI and post-production, may be changing due to the failure

It’s learned that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania had an “absolutely chaotic” production and film schedule.

The film massively bombed at the box office bringing in only $476 million, and prior to the big failure of The Marvels was the MCU’s worst performing movie.

The flick’s writer was set to go on and write Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, but according to reports, the writer has been removed from the film. It is also been reported that as a result of the failure of Quantumania that Marvel is now moving away from Kang in the MCU and ditching Kang Dynasty in favor of Avengers 5.

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What happened with Quantumania?

According to actress Katy O’Brian who played Jentorra in the film,  and who also stars in Disney’s Andor Star Wars series, things were so chaotic on set that she was getting new pages from the script on her last day as well as new fight scenes.

“Yeah, that was absolutely chaotic,” she told with a laugh. “I think we were getting new pages until the last day, and I think I was getting new fights the last day. I just show up, and they’re like, here’s a new fight.”

News that the production was chaotic and Katy O’Brian received changes and updates to the script on the very last day fits with what has previously been said about Marvel.

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“Marvel Way” hitting the highway

It has been said the “Marvel way” of doing things is to write the script as they go along with a recent rumor stating Disney CEO Bob Iger is now laying down the law as the “Marvel way” hasn’t been working.

The “Marvel Way” is also said to see projects finished in post-production – “we’ll fix it in post” – where they use CGI, and that the VFX teams essentially finish the movie, which costs a bundle.

So a scooper has claimed Iger’s new approach has to do with how Marvel approaches projects, specifically with VFX and in post-production, which judging from the special effects of Quantumania and what Katy O’Brian says above about production, maybe be a direct result.

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