Bob Iger Laying Down The Law On Deadpool 3, Marvel and Kevin Feige

The Marvel way is no longer said to be working which follows massive MCU failures.

Bob Iger Laying Down The Law On Deadpool 3, Marvel and Kevin Feige

It seems Marvel and Kevin Feige’s time of running rampant with the Disney money is over as according to a scooper, Bob Iger is laying down the law.

The news follows Bob Iger stating back in July that Disney is pulling back on both Marvel and Star Wars.

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Huge Marvel failures

The news about Iger getting involved also follows Marvel’s failures at the box office with The Marvels, the worst performing MCU and superhero movie of all time, that only brought in $200 million on a budget close to $400 million.

Quantumania is another big failure along with busts among fans such as Thor: Love and Thunder.

It’s also known the Disney+ MCU shows have been big busts, primarily with Secret Invasion, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel, the latter of which is the worst-viewed MCU show on the streamer. The shows cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make. Recently saw Tatiana Maslany state She-Hulk Season 2 isn’t happening because they blew their budget on Season 1.

It’s been reported Marvel is overhauling its TV division as a result of the failure of Secret Invasion, which includes bringing the TV division closer to how television studios are supposed to be run instead of how movie studios run things. Presently, Daredevil: Born Again is getting retooled and has recently begun filming.

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The “Marvel Way” isn’t working anymore

Regarding what is going on with Bob Iger and Marvel, it is said to have to do with how Marvel approaches projects, specifically with VFX and in post-production.

It’s known the “Marvel way” of doing things is basically doing things on the fly.

Often, projects are greenlit without the script being finished, which is thought why when James Gunn took over DC that he said projects would only happen with finished scripts.

The “Marvel way” also is said to see scripts finished while filming and projects finished in post-production – “we’ll fix it in post” – where they use CGI, and the VFX teams essentially finish the movie, which costs a bundle.

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VFX artists stressed to the max

Case in point, I can recall Kevin Feige stating they changed the Captain Marvel movie in post-production where they basically changed how the entire movie unfolded, as I believe Feige said they changed the beginning of the film.

It’s also known Marvel stressed the VFX teams to the max, so much so that Hollywood VFX artists are now forming unions. It’s also been claimed that working with former Marvel producer Victoria Alonso, who was in charge of VFX, was a nightmare to work with.

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Bob Iger has Marvel mandates for Deadpool 3

The info about Bob Iger and the Marvel mandates is actually in regards to Deadpool 3.

Scooper KC Walsh tweeted that Deadpool 3 is following Bog Iger’s new Marvel mandates.

Walsh says “shots and sequences have been locked in much earlier than previous films to allow the CGI teams more time” and “there will be no last-minute VFX changes during the process.”

Walsh responded to another tweet that doubts the July 26, 2024 release date for Deadpool 3 due to the VFX, but Walsh makes it sounds as if Iger’s mandates will make sure Deadpool 3 gets released on time in July.

Assuming what Walsh says is correct, Bob Iger’s Marvel mandates mean Marvel won’t be changing anything in post-production, which will give VFX artists much-needed time to get the VFX right for the Marvel projects, which no doubt have been suffering, and won’t cause added costs or delays.

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Marvel in turmoil

My Comic-Con insiders previously filled me in the reason the “Marvel way” worked so well during The Infinity Saga was because of Jon Favreau, the Russo Brothers, and James Gunn.

Obviously, The Multiverse Saga doesn’t have them involved – nor Joss Whedon – and things are in turmoil which I was first told back in 2022.

They also filled me in that Kevin Feige would be fixing things following the strikes, which also looks to be happening.

All the Marvel movies have new writers, which includes Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, and Blade, and Captain America: Brave New World reportedly is undergoing massive reshoots to the point it will be an entirely different movie than first intended. And again, Feige is fixing Daredevil: Born Again to align it with the Netflix show, just as my insiders first told me.

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