Michael Douglas Sounds Done With Marvel

The actor appears on The View and told Marvel he wanted them to kill off Hank Pym.

michael douglas done with marvel


  • Michael Douglas requested for Hank Pym to have a serious death with special effects in the third Ant-Man movie
  • The actor suggests his days in the MCU are over
  • According to what we have been told, there were plans to connect the Fantastic Four to Hank and Janet Pym in the MCU at one time

It sounds like Hank Pym and Michael Douglas are done with Marvel judging by the actor’s recent comments while appearing on The View.

Douglas was recently featured in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania which bombed big time at the box office and with fans, so it seems as if some of those characters might be done for in the MCU.

Michael Douglas actually tells The View that he wanted Marvel to kill off Hang Pym in Quantumania.

“This actually was my request for the third one,” the 79-year-old actor said. “I said I’d like to have a serious [death], with all these great special effects. There’s got to be some fantastic way where I can shrink to an ant size and explode, whatever it is. I want to use all those effects.”

Douglas adds he thinks he won’t be showing up in the MCU anymore.

“But, that was on the last one,” he added. “Now, I don’t think I’m going to show up.”

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Fantastic Four could have connected to Hank Pym

Insiders actually told me there were plans to connect the Fantastic Four to Hank and Janet Pym.

An idea floating around at Marvel regarding the origin of the Fantastic Four had them always being a part of the MCU.

So what happened?

My insiders filled me in the Fantastic Four existed back in the 60s or so and were friends of Hank Pym, but the FF got lost in either the Quantum Realm or the Negative Zone.

When they finally free themselves, the Fantastic Four step out into the present day MCU which explains their longtime abscence.

Rumors now offer the original of the Fantastic Four in the MCU will be one of the Multiverse.

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