Marvel Developing Captain Britain TV Series


captain britain tv series

Update: A producer on the project has clarifed that the Captain Britain TV series is an idea being taken to Marvel.


It’s learned Marvel is presently developing a Captain Britain TV series.

Award-winning Scottish poster artist Ciara McAvoy tweeted the news along with a mock-up of Captain Britain’s costume with word she is creating the promo poster, and that a sizzle reel is being developed. 

Producers are already on board the Captain Britain series as well with Chris Lark. 

The Captain Britain series looks to be a ways off as it’s said to expect an official announcement toward the end of this year or in 2017.

Ciara McAvoy has previously done illustrated work for Victor Frankenstein, X-Men and Star Wars

In the comics, Brian Braddock plays Captain Britain who is more or less an equivalent to Captain America with powers derived from magic via Merlyn. 

Captain Britain’s powers include superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, senses, the ability to fly at supersonic speeds and enhanced perception.

It’s currently unknown if Captain Britain will go the Netflix route or possibly air on ABC.