Marvel Casting Transgender Roles For Daredevil: Born Again

Said to be important to the series which might have to do with those previous leaked plot details.

marvel daredevil born again transgender roles


  • Marvel is casting transgender roles for the retooled Daredevil: Born Again series for Disney+
  • A new creative team has been brought on board and episodes are being reshot, but the general storyline remains the same
  • The transgender roles will play an important role in one of the episodes

It’s claimed that Marvel is casting transgender roles for the Daredevil: Born Again series that is currently getting retooled for Disney+.

My insiders first told me last summer how Daredevil: Born Again was getting retooled and then word-for-word, the trades reported what I had been told, which is that after the strikes Kevin Feige is fixing the series to align it closer to the popular Netflix series.

The changes have included bringing a new creative team on board to oversee the series which sees the episodes reshot, but from my understanding, the general storyline is sticking.

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What are the details?

Regarding the transgender roles, according to scooper Daniel RPK, the characters will be play an important role in Daredevil: Born Again.

The scooper says, via Twitter, that Marvel is in the in the middle of a casting four transgender roles who will play an important role in one of the episodes.

If I had to guess what is going on with the transgender roles, it could have to do with the previous leaked storyline, so possible spoilers follow.

daredevil born again

Possible spoilers:

The leaked storyline is said to feature dirty cops who work for the Kingpin. Well, Kingpin either is running for election or wins the election as mayor. So apparently those dirty cops set up White Tiger (a Black guy) who gets arrested for murder. It also seems as if those cops use the Punisher symbol (similar to law enforcement today). So if I had to guess, maybe the Kingpin and those dirty cops don’t like transgenders.

Another possible scenario I can come up with is that Matt Murdock takes on the case of the four transgenders, whatever that might entail.

Daredevil: Born Again doesn’t have a release date but is thought to be premiering on Disney+ in 2025. Charlie Cox returns as the Man Without Fear, Vincent D’Onofrio is back as Wilson Fisk, Jon Bernthal returns as Frank Castle, with Deborah Ann Woll back as Karen Page and Elden Henson returns as Foggy Nelson.

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