Daredevil: Born Again Canceled Plot: Cop Killer White Tiger, Punisher, Kingpin

Kevin Feige has fired the writers and directors and is retooling the series.

Kevin Feige has fired the writers and directors and is retooling the series.

Daredevil: Born Again Canceled Plot: Cop Killer White Tiger, Punisher, Kingpin

We get further insights into the canceled plans surrounding Daredevil: Born Again with it said part of the plot was going to revolve around White Tiger as an accused cop killer, the Punisher, and Kingpin.

It’s also known the first four episodes were not going to feature Charlie Cox suited up as Daredevil who quit being the Man Without Fear for a year, and in the series, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin suspiciously wins an election for mayor, and corrupt cops are involved who favor the use of the Punisher skull logo.

Oh yeah, and Foggy and Karen get killed off in the first episode, or at least one of them does.

After I first reported about the series getting retooled at Comic-Con, it has recently been confirmed Daredevil: Born Again is getting rebooted which includes the news that Kevin Feige has fired the writers and directors.

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What is the White Tiger story about?

That latest info again comes from CanWeGetSomeToast who shines some light on canceled plans involving White Tiger.

The account says, “The Trial of White Tiger would’ve been Daredevil: Born Again’s first big arc. It would’ve focused on Matt taking on Hector Ayala as a client after he stopped a mugging. It turns out the mugging he stopped was actually some corrupt cops who were trying to ‘silence’ an informant before he could get to trial. One of the police officers accidentally dies in the process, leaving Hector labeled as a ‘cop-killer.'”

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The account added more in a second tweet.

“More on The Trial of White Tiger for ‘DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN’: – Matt would’ve tailed the surviving cop to find the ‘informant’ as a witness for Hector’s trial,” continued CanWeGetSomeToast. “After finding the informant first, Matt would take their place to save them. – The corrupt cops are surprised to find Matt waiting for them. But they don’t care that he’s the informant’s lawyer and start to beat him up…until a gun is pulled and the devil is unleashed. – Matt would then notice the Punisher logo tattooed on one of the knocked out cops, setting up the next arc…”

Update: The account has since added, “The end of The Trial of White Tiger in ‘DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN.’ The trial of Hector Ayala is lengthy and doesn’t go his way because the informant Matt saved LIES on trial, saying he WASN’T mugged by the corrupt police. As a last-ditch effort, Matt reveals Hector’s identity as the White Tiger, shocking the courtroom. Then multiple witnesses are called to the stand, all of whom are people that were saved by the White Tiger. Matt questions Hector behind his motives of being a vigilante. Hector says he was just doing the right thing, swaying the jury. Matt expertly pleads how Hector is a good man, and Hector is successfully found innocent.”

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So the canceled Daredevil: Born Again story looks to have involved:

Matt Murdock gives up being Daredevil for a year following the death of Foggy (and/or Karen).

Kingpin wins an election thanks to a campaign backing law enforcement while also discouraging street-level heroes like Punisher, Daredevil, and Spider-Man.

Hector Ayala stops a mugging but it wasn’t a mugging, it was really corrupt cops who were trying to silence an informant before he could get to trial.

One of the cops accidentally gets killed.

Hector is set up as a cop killer.

Hector hires Matt Murdock to be his lawyer to defend him.

Matt Murdock trails the surviving corrupt police officer who was trying to kill the informant.

Matt Murdock finds the informant and takes his place to save him.

The corrupt cops are surprised when it’s not the informant and it’s Matt Murdock.

The corrupt cops don’t care Matt Murdock is the informant’s lawyer and attack him anyway.

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Daredevil Returns

So Matt Murdock hasn’t been Daredevil for a year, but then one of the corrupt cops pulls out a gun and that is when the Daredevil decides to finally be unleashed.

This could actually be a reference to it said Foggy gets shot in the first episode, so Matt Murdock seeing a gun triggers him (maybe a flashback) and Daredevil returns.

Daredevil notices one of the knocked-out corrupt cops has a Punisher skull logo tattoo setting up the next arc…

Daredevil: Born Again: Police Are Bad Guys Involving Punisher

The next arc… The Punisher

While not revealed, we can guess what was going to happen next as it seems obvious it would be Matt Murdock/Daredevil confronting Jon Bernthal’s Punisher about why the corrupt cops use the Punisher skull logo.

This would have obviously led to a confrontation at first as certainly Matt Murdock would have thought the Punisher was supporting the corrupt cops.

Matt Murdock also probably thought Kingpin campaigning against street-level heroes including the Punisher was a ruse and thought the Punisher was in cahoots with Kingpin.

However, more than likely it is revealed Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle is not in support of the cops or Kingpin, but that the cops simply approve of Punisher and use his skull logo (mirroring real life).

More than likely the corrupt cops happen to work for Kingpin.

More than likely the informant was going to inform on the Kingpin.

So Kingpin sent the corrupt cops to kill the informant.

It’s also been said that Daredevil and Kingpin have separate arcs throughout the entire series, which of course would lead to…

daredevil vs kingpin

The final battle: Daredevil vs Kingpin

More than likely the two arcs come to a head at the end of the series pitting Daredevil versus Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin.

It could also be possible that joining Daredevil against Kingpin includes The Punisher and White Tiger, either as Hector Ayala and/or his niece from the comics, White Tiger Angela Del Toro.

With all the leaks surfacing, it’s safe to say Kevin Feige has canceled all these plans and is going with a total reboot of the story.

It’s been said Feige is currently looking for new writers and directors as well as a showrunner to take over Daredevil: Born Again and it’s said the 18-episode series will be split into two parts of nine episodes.

Update: Marvel is fixing things by adding more action and violence.

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