Marvel Comics Teases Return Of Richard Rider Nova


richard rider nova marvel now Marvel Comics Teases Return Of Richard Rider Nova

Got mentioned by James Gunn on Facebook live.

Won my kid’s baseball championship game.

And now, apparently, Marvel Comics is teasing the return of Richard Rider Nova.

Not a bad birthday!

Leaked promo art has hit the net from a Marvel NOW! Previews Magazine, with one image featuring Richard Rider Nova’s helmet stating “Coming Soon.”

The checklist also seems to be stating a new Richard Rider Nova #1 will be launched as part of Marvel NOW!, though the creative team looks to be unknown (too bad Dan Abnett just went DC exclusive).

Could we be seeing the return of some quality Marvel Cosmic?

Well, Marvel also announced a new Thanos ongoing from Jeff Lemire with art by Mike Deodato.

So if the Richard Rider Nova comic holds true, that sounds like at least two new Marvel Cosmic comics too look forward to.

People have already asked my thoughts about it on Twitter and in the forums.

Honestly, I’m taking a wait and see approach. Marvel, under Buckley, Alonso, Quesada, Brevoort, Bendis and Loeb, have really taken a dump on Cosmic. They cancelled the DnA Marvel Cosmic titles when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie got greenlit, and they turned the stuff into a big joke. The good news is that it didn’t sell well. I think the latest issue of NINO is around 15k or so. Bendis’ Garbage of the Galaxy, without all its million variant covers and such, is even under 35K. Abnett and Lanning’s Marvel Cosmic always had steady sales, and the editor even said sales were “rock solid.”

Marvel Comics, at least for me, still has a lot to do prove itself. 

I’m hopeful, but also skeptic.

Long live Richard Rider.

Check out the images below.

nova richard rider marvel now Marvel Comics Teases Return Of Richard Rider Nova

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