Man of Steel 2 Rumored To Erase Zack Snyder’s Superman Zod Ending

The new 'Man of Steel 2' rumor is similar to rumors involving Supergirl and 'The Flash' movie.

The new 'Man of Steel 2' rumor is similar to rumors involving Supergirl and 'The Flash' movie.

'Man of Steel' 2 Rumored To Erase Zack Snyder's Superman Zod Ending

A new rumor has hit the net offering Man of Steel 2 and Henry Cavill will erase Zack Snyder’s ending to the first movie where Superman snaps Zod’s neck and kills him.

The rumor comes from Giant Freakin Robot who also says Henry Cavill will be starring in a Justice League 2 and the site also recently had their Marvel Vision Quest scoop confirmed.

The Man of Steel 2 rumor claims the film will not be treated as a proper sequel but will instead be more of a reboot featuring Henry Cavill as Superman.

It’s said Man of Steel 2 will treat the origin of Clark Kent differently (hopefully it also erases the awful Pa Kent death scene) and that Superman will no longer be portrayed as killing General Zod.

The first movie saw a lot of controversy as a lot of Superman fans weren’t happy with Zack Snyder’s violent and hopeless approach to the Man of Steel.

They didn’t like the fact that a big fight scene took place in the middle of Smallville instead of a cornfield, and they really didn’t like the ending when Superman snapped Zod’s neck.

From what I am told, the dislike of Man of Steel led to the box office not hitting the expected billion dollars following the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy.

So instead of the original plan leading to Henry Cavill spearheading a Justice League shared universe and a solo Batman movie titled “The Batman” featuring Batman in his second year of being a hero played by a pretty boy actor (sound familiar?), the failure of Man of Steel at the box office instead led to them bringing in an older Batman and going with Batman vs Superman, which too failed and led to all the trouble with Justice League.

So according to this rumor, to go along with Henry Cavill’s new “joyful Superman,” the Man of Steel ending will be erased and rebooted in Man of Steel 2.

Of course, we know now they also went back to that Batman idea.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

The Flash has been rumored to erase Superman

What is interesting about the Man of Steel 2 rumor is that this isn’t the first time the same thing has been said.

Prior to David Zaslav taking over with Warner Bros. Discovery, it has been rumored The Flash movie was actually going to do the same thing, as The Flash will feature both Michael Shannon and Antje Trau from Man of Steel.

However, The Flash was going to go in a completely different direction than this new rumor — that is until Henry Cavill returned as Superman.

According to early rumors, The Flash was going to erase Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel through the Sasha Calle Supergirl.

In her universe, Zod kills the baby Kal-El on Krypton before Kal-El goes onto Earth to become Superman.

So instead of Kal-El, Sasha Calle’s character goes on to be the “Superman” of her Earth, Supergirl, where Superman never existed.

It’s thought that in her universe, she has a battle with Zod and Faora, like in Man of Steel, however; Supergirl doesn’t murder Zod or snap his neck.

The Sasha Calle Supergirl would then go on to become the “Superman” of the DCEU once the multiverses were fixed and merged in The Flash movie.

But since Henry Cavill is back, who is also rumored to be now appearing in The Flash, it seems that part with Supergirl erasing things might be off the table.

The Supergirl movie has also been canceled and it seems as if Supergirl won’t become the new “Superman” anytime soon.

Henry Cavill as Superman

David Zaslav brings back Henry Cavill as Superman

I think we can thank David Zaslav for nixing the Supergirl stuff who has publicly said he wants Superman back (Zaslav also canceled Batgirl who along with Supergirl and Wonder Woman were to be the new DC Trinity, according to rumors).

What is also interesting is that recently saw both James Gunn and Jason Momoa tease Lobo.

Perhaps some kind of soft DCEU reboot is happening with The Flash where the Man of Steel ending gets erased and Momoa becomes Lobo, his favorite DC character, which will also lead into Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill.

What is also rather funny about the Zod death scene is that in Superman & Lois, there was a similar scene, but Jordan Kent simply turned the head of the person with blazing heat vision.

Now, why didn’t Zack Snyder’s Superman think of that?

Personally? I don’t think they should go out of their way to erase Man of Steel in Man of Steel 2 and I don’t think they should go out of their way to remind us of the Zod death scene in any new movie.

Simply forget about it and carry on in Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill as Superman and show us a new joyful version.

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