Man of Steel 2: Henry Cavill Wants Brainiac

Man of Steel 2: Henry Cavill Wants Brainiac

Henry Cavill recently said he still wants his Superman to be bad ass, and if he gets his wish, he will need to be just that if Big Blue fights Brainiac in Man of Steel 2!

While promoting his latest movie, which comes out next week with Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Henry Cavill is asked who should be the villain of Man of Steel 2.

“I think a great villain would be Brainiac,” Henry Cavill tells Fandom. “That would be a good villain to play against.”

Henry Cavill continues explaining why Brainiac would make a good Man of Steel 2 villain.

“Brainiac is a big threat. It would be a lot of fun. There is a lot to him, a lot of storylines to him,” Henry Cavill responded.

Cavill is then questioned if he has any interest in playing an evil version of Superman, like Christopher Reeve did at one time, but says he wants to play the classic version (Superman was sort of “evil” in Justice League).

“I would be very keen for the opportunity to play a classic comics Supes before playing evil,” Henry Cavill offered. “In the comic books, there is a lot of really, really good stories about Supes being the classic hero, a real beacon of hope, and a shining light for everyone to aspire towards. It would be a lot of fun to play that version of Supes.”

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Interestingly enough, Brainiac is the villain of the new SYFY Krypton TV series, which is more or less an Elseworlds prequel approach to Man of Steel and has writer David S. Goyer developing the series. Brainiac and Supergirl have even been rumored since 2016 to be a part of Man of Steel 2 as well.

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