Dads & 12-Year-Old Boys Love ‘Madame Web’ As Box Office Bombs

Sony's latest Spider-Man spinoff is another dud but at least fans like what they see with Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

Sony's latest Spider-Man spinoff is another dud but at least fans like what they see with Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

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Just like the Rotten Tomatoes Score, as expected, Madame Web is bombing big time at the box office. The good news? Hey! Dads and 12-year-old boys love the film!

Madame Web opened Wednesday on Valentine’s Day and brought in $6 million. It’s reported on Thursday, the flick brought in $2.15 million, which is a drop of 64%. On Friday, it’s said the flick brought in $4.3 million.

$20 million+ opening over 6 days

The various estimates are now offering Madame Web will have a $20 million+ opening at the box office — but that’s for 6 days not 3 days, as Wednesday to Monday is included due to the latter being Presidents’ Day.

Suffice to say, the $20 million six day opening is a complete disaster, again, as expected (Morbius opened to a 3-day $39 million weekend!).

Saturday Update: Estimates offer a $24 million six day opening now.

Sunday update: It’s said the 6-day box office is $25.8M, better than expected, but still not good by any means.

Regarding the Rotten Tomatoes Score, it’s actually dropping: with 154 reviews accounted for, the Madame Web Rotten Tomatoes Score is at 14%; the Audience Score is also super low for a superhero film and is at 54%.

Saturday update: The Rotten Tomatoes scores keep dropping: now at 13% and 53%; CinemaScore is also a C+ which is the same as Morbius.

madame web rotten tomatoes score 13 53

Audience insights

Deadline offers insights into the audience who showed up in theaters:

  • Two stars on PostTrak so far for a 58% from general audiences
  • 53% guys attending vs. 47% women however, it’s said “Sony went after young women with Madame Web, with 75% of its $60M global P&A allocated toward social and Tik Tok”
  • For some reason, parents (mostly dads at 62%) and kids under 12 saw a different movie: They both gave it 4½ stars.

That 4½ star stat from dads and kids is pretty funny as let’s be honest, it’s probably because of Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney. I mean, it’s the only reason to even go and see the flick.

Also we see that similar to The Marvels, girls and women didn’t show up.

Compared to The Marvels, Morbius, The CW

Social Media analytics corp RelishMix also says nobody is excited about Madame Web and compares it to The Marvels, another catastrophe at the box office, as well as the aforementioned Morbius, and even The CW (wow!):

“Naysayers are referencing ‘superhero fatigue,’” RelishMix writes, “but specifically the female-centric and female group sub-genre comping the recent MCU The Marvels, saying, ‘This is another The Marvels concept. Why do they keep making assemble teams?’ Some are confused with Dakota Johnson’s casting due to the differences to the character in the comics, saying, ‘I thought Madame Web was an old crippled lady that sometimes helped Spider-Man with her visions?’ The movie was also mockingly compared repeatedly to another of Sony’s Spider-Man-less Spidey films, Morbius, with many feeling the scale is very small compared to other superhero adventures, reminding them of ‘a CW show.’”

Lacking on social media

Another kick in the you know where is that the flick has a large social media following, something like 424 million, thanks in part to Sydney Sweeney’s nearly 20M followers, but Deadline says Madame Web is running 44% behind other superhero movies. Ouch.

There’s actually videos out there that show Dakota Johnson getting asked about Spider-Man and such, and she doesn’t have a clue, which come off as pretty funny, but don’t do anything for her geek cred. I think one of the most viral promos is of Sydney Sweeney saying “hot” over and over, lol. Says it all.

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