Lucifer Pilot Leaks Online



Joing The Flash and Supergirl, now the pilot for Lucifer has leaked online weeks prior to its planned debut.

Pilots for Minority Report, Blindspot and The Carmichael Show have also leaked.

The “pirated” screenings of the series first appeared on torrent websites at around 2 a.m. ET today, according to antipiracy analytics firm Excipio (via Variety).

It’s noted all the copies bear no watermarks and are in HD, so it is possible the leaks are not from review copies, assuming the networks (Fox and NBC) watermarked all the advance review copies like the studios usually do. 

It’s possible the leaks could have come straight from someone within the studio.

As of around noon today, each of the series was downloaded around 100,000 times, with Lucifer topping the list at close to 142, 000.

In addition to the pilots for The Flash and Supergirl previously leaking online, episodes of HBO’s Game Of Thrones have leaked online.

It probably should be mentioned the leaks usually don’t negatively impact the series; actually, it probably could be argued they increase hype and promotion.

Lucifer is set to premiere on Fox in 2016.

Lucifer trailer: