Loki Season 2 Ep 1 Review: A Whole Bunch Of Nothing Happening

Did the episode go a different route than expected?

Did the episode go a different route than expected?

Loki Season 2 Ep 1 Review: A Whole Bunch Of Nothing Happening

Tonight sees the highly anticipated premiere of Loki Season 2 which follows that crazy cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 — but there is actually a whole bunch of nothing happening in the first episode.

Season 1 recap

The episode starts off with a great recap that explains what went down in Season 1 where “He Who Remains” has been in control of the TVA in order to keep the much worse Council of Kangs away from the universe (or the universe that “He Who Remains” controls???).

However, at the end of Season 1, Sylvie kills “He Who Remains” which is supposed to unleash the Council of Kangs upon the Multiverse and restart the Multiverse War (correct me if I am wrong).

Sylvie also pushes Loki through a door that leads back to the TVA but Mobius doesn’t recognize Loki and there are Kang statues everywhere.

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Season 2 starts

Season 2 starts directly from where Season 1 left off. Okay, all good.


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Fails to meet expectations?

It was my expectation that by Silvie killing “He Who Remains,” that the Council of Kangs then took over/got involved and reset the TVA.

I thought the TVA timeline had changed which is why there were all those Kang statues and why Mobius didn’t know Loki.

But it seems when Loki was pushed back through the door, it wasn’t a different timeline, just that Loki had “time slipped” into the past when Mobius didn’t know him. Is that right???

So did Sylvie send Loki into the past???

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Why is Loki time slipping?

The episode then features Loki time slipping mostly back and forth from the past and present, and then at the end of the episode to the future.

Why is Loki time slipping in the first place?

I know it’s only the first episode, but I thought we were talking about the Multiverse here not time-traveling.

Shouldn’t Loki be universe-slipping or universe-hopping???

It almost seems to me they bailed on the idea of the Multiverse after Season 1, for some reason.

This episode seemed more like a Loki Season 1 Episode 6.5 instead of a Season 2 Episode 1 where instead of going the Multiverse route, they switched gears and are now going the time travel route.

I also believe Sylvie was time slipping the entire time Loki was, and we see she time slipped back to 1982 Earth and arrived in Broxton, Oklahoma in a branched universe for some reason (Broxton has a history with Thor and New Asgard in Marvel Comics, and Whitney Frost from the Agent Carter show is from Broxton).

Now is Sylvie universe-hopping and time-slipping? But Loki isn’t?

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Time travel? So what?

That said, all the entire episode did was basically explain that Loki has been time slipping / traveling, but my question: So what?

They didn’t really tease that it’s going anywhere, but again, maybe I am getting ahead of myself and simply need to watch more episodes. Is someone behind the time slippage?

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It’s not a different timeline or different universe

Again, I think I expected Season 2 to start where Morbius didn’t know Loki at all due to “He Who Remains” getting killed and the TVA timeline getting reset somehow or even a new TVA created by the Council of Kangs. Am I the only one?

While maybe I wasn’t big on the story, I did like the production and setting a lot and all the characters, especially, Ke Huy Quan, but wasn’t he simply the “Doc Brown” used to explain the time-traveling bits and such?

I don’t know. I think I expected more of the Multiverse.

Another thought: They might be saving all the Multiverse stuff and Council of Kangs for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (if it’s still happening) and instead, Loki Season 2 is going to be more about time slippage and time travel (why?).

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Now, I gotta hope they can come through with the remainder of the season with some quality explanations and pray it doesn’t turn out like Secret Invasion. Cross your fingers.

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