Lea Seydoux Rumored For Black Canary

Lea Seydoux Rumored For Black Canary

A new rumor has hit the net offering Léa Seydoux is up for the role of either Black Canary or Catwoman in the Harley Quinn spinoff that is a take on Birds of Prey.

The rumor comes from a user on 4Chan who offers:

A couple of weeks ago, Léa Seydoux began early talks about participating in a new DC team-up movie. Close sources say that competition for each role is very powerful. The studio has not yet decided on the final girls. At the moment about 10 women in the short list. And each of them pretends to several roles at once. However, the participation of Seydoux is more likely. If negotiations are successful, the studio will offer two roles, most likely either a Black Canary or a Catwoman. Although the participation of the second character in the film is still in question.If casting for all the roles will be successful,WB will announce the entire female cast in San Diego Comic-Con.With the arrival of new information, the post will certainly be here. Cross fingers for Léa. Peace…

While some fans like to write off 4Chan as not a valid source of information, a quick check of rumors that I have previously posted turned out rather true including Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star Wars leaks, some DCEU rumors aren’t too far off, and they also nailed Mysterio for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. If anything, it’s at least fun to speculate.

French actress Léa Seydoux is known for the James Bond Spectre movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Zoe and has Kursk and The Story of My Wife coming out soon.

The Harley Quinn spinoff is being developed by Cathy Yan starring Margot Robbie and could be R-rated.

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