Kevin Smith Offers Update Following Heart Attack

Kevin Smith Offers Update Following Heart Attack

Two days ago saw Kevin Smith suffer a near fatal and massive heart attack.

Kevin Smith was doing standup when he felt nauseous, started sweating and his chest felt heavy. His decision to go to the hospital saved his life as doctors told him he would have died later that night if he hadn’t gone to the hospital.

Now Kevin Smith has taken to social media again to offer an update:

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig! Home is where the heart is and the heart is feeling good! It’s actually getting more blood flow and oxygen than it has in a long time. So I am ALERT, to say the least! I just wanted to thank you all for the kind words you took the time to write to me about what my work has meant to you. In the last two days, I’ve read some breathtaking sentiments that have profoundly touched me. It honestly means the world under normal circumstances, but after Sunday night? Everything means so much more, obviously. Seriously- THANK you, everybody (special thanks to @prattprattpratt for the prayers) – from Vegetarian Kev, Day 2! 

Cosmic Book News is glad to hear that Kevin Smith is doing okay! 

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