Kevin Feige Blamed For Ms. Marvel Mutant Retcon and Death In The Comics

Marvel Comics writer Cody Ziglar makes the claim, but Marvel Studios is responding it was a comics editorial decision.

kevin feige blame ms marvel death retcon comics


  • A Marvel Comics writer claims Kevin Feige asked for the Ms. Marvel changes to line things up with the MCU
  • Marvel Studios denies the allegation
  • It’s known the MCU has changed the comics in the past with Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy

Let’s see if it all adds up…

It’s claimed that the recent Ms. Marvel death and mutant rebirth retcon in the comics came about because of demands by Kevin Feige to line up the character with the MCU.

Ms. Marvel in the comics was first introduced as an Inhuman – not a mutant or an X-Men – as at the time, Disney/Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter, who doesn’t get along with Feige, butted heads with Fox Studios.

Reportedly back then, Perlmutter ordered that the Fox Marvel properties be banned in the comics, which is why Wolverine was killed off, and I think the Fantastic Four disappeared in space, etc.

So when Kamala Kahn was introduced in the comics, she was explained as an Inhuman.

However, when Ms. Marvel debuted in the MCU, she was explained as having a mutant origin (and everything under the sun including a cosmic, magical, and maybe even an Inhuman origin to boot).

Also recall Perlmutter and his Marvel Comics Creative Cronies (that advised the MCU) were behind that awful IMAX and ABC Inhumans series, and Perlmutter is said to have been against female superhero movies.

So according to Marvel Comics writer Cody Ziglar, he was told by Zeb Wells – who was behind the Ms. Marvel retcon in the comics – that the request came from Kevin Feige to line things up with the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series and The Marvels movie. Via the Amazing Spider Talk podcast:

“[Wells] had told me months before the plan, which was, [Kevin] Feige was like, ‘Hey, I don’t do this very often but, can you please do this to make things in line with Marvel because we have some stuff we want to do with Kamala.’ So [Wells] was like, ‘Fuck, I’m the guy that drew the short straw? People are going to be very mad that I have to kill Ms. Marvel.’”

However, Gizmodo contacted Marvel which denied the allegation:

A Marvel Comics spokesperson familiar with the situation flatly denied that this was the case, describing the decision to make Kamala a mutant character—a focus she’ll continue as part of the X-Men line’s 2024 relaunch, From the Ashes—as an explicitly editorial decision, one in the making well before the events of Amazing Spider-Man #26. Marvel Studios also denied that Feige was involved in the decision in a comment provided to io9 over email.

guardians galaxy marvel comics
Left: Abnett and Lanning 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy
Right: 2013 Bendis GOTG

Disney and the MCU have killed Marvel Comics

Gizmodo goes on to mention that the movies influencing the comics has been a common development for a while, which is 100% true.

Marvel Comics canceled the entire Dan Abnett Marvel COSMIC line because of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie and relaunched under Bendis to match Gunn’s goofy take. Instead of rewarding Abnett, the editor and the creative teams for inspiring a new multi-billion dollar franchise at Disney, Marvel fired them all and gave the properties to the guys in charge and their buddies (Bendis, Loeb, and Waid). What a nice company to work for, right?

Anyway, way back in 2013, Matt Fraction also confirmed that Marvel Studios interfered with his Thor run as he had all kinds of guidelines to follow.

“When I got the book, there was a Thor movie coming and there were these kind of guidelines that I had to execute under and [Jason Aaron’s] got none of that,” Fraction said at the time. “So it’s just kind of pure Jason coming out in the page.”

Fraction wasn’t clear if Marvel Studios directly interfered, but pretty much as Gizmodo says, it doesn’t matter if it was Marvel Studios or Feige or what have you, as, unfortunately, the MCU is still going to change the comics (movie fans don’t read the comics).

At one time, the comics used to be the inspiration for the movies, but that hasn’t been the case for over a decade, and everything is suffering as a result.

I’ll bet you a million dollars the woke Marvel NOW! iniative in the comics that replaced and ruined all the characters came about as a result of Disney purchasing Marvel and wanting diverse characters, which Feige has adapted for the past five years in the M-SHE-U and has been a massive failure.

Ms. Marvel is the least-watched MCU show on Disney+, and The Marvels lost Disney $200 million and is the worst-performing MCU and superhero movie of all time.

Prior to Marvel NOW!, Carol Danvers was the much better Ms. Marvel, and Mar-vell was Captain Marvel who might have been returning to the comics with Secret Invasion but that was killed in favor of Carol becoming the character (again, likely because of Disney and the woke MCU).

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