Katie Cassidy Teases Video Game; Black Canary Teased For Arrow Season 5


katie cassidy black canary arrow video game

Though Black Canary was killed off last season, we may see the character in Arrow Season 5 in some form.

Marc Guggenheim took to Twitter to post an image of a Black Canary statue noting that it’s production art for the season.

It’s possible the statue could simply be a tribute, but maybe it’s teasing the return of Katie Cassidy.

It’s speculated the reason Black Canary was killed off in Arrow is because the character will appear in the movies. So how about changing the character’s name?

Well, that’s what happened during Season 2 of The Flash. The Earth-2 version of Black Canary appeared played by Katie Cassidy with Black Siren.

Maybe we’ll see Black Siren for Arrow Season 5?

Katie Cassidy also took to her Instagram account again to tease involvement with a video game.

“Burning eyes,” Cassidy added to the post. 

It’s unknown if the game is Injustice 2 or something entirely different. Cassidy posted about it a few weeks ago as well.


Burning eyes #allinadayswork

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