Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Texts Say ‘My Fault’

The lawyer for the actor released alleged texts the woman sent Majors following his arrest.

The lawyer for the actor released alleged texts the woman sent Majors following his arrest.

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Texts Say 'My Fault'

The lawyer for Marvel star Jonathan Majors has revealed some of the evidence they claim will exonerate the actor as alleged text messages have been released where the girlfriend admits fault.

The lawyer for Jonathan Majors, Priya Chaudhry, fills in TMZ that the woman, who is said to be Majors’ girlfriend, sent text messages to the Creed III star hours after his arrest last Saturday “admitting that she was the one who used physical force against him.”

“I told them it was my fault for trying to grab your phone,” states one of the texts.

While the woman also says she told the police it “was not an attack” and “they do not have my blessing on any charges being placed,” the NY DA chose to press charges anyway.

Jonathan Majors has been charged with three counts of assault in the third degree, aggravated harassment in the second degree, three counts of attempted assault in the third degree, and harassment in the second degree and is set to appear in court on Monday, May 8.

The initial reports also said the charges were a result of strangulation but the woman denies strangulation.

“I read the paper they gave me about strangulation and I said point blank this did not occur and should be removed immediately,” she texted. “The judge is definitely going to be told this.”

Recently it was also learned that it was Jonathan Majors who made the 911 call as, according to the lawyer, Majors’ girlfriend was “having an emotional crisis.”

“I also said to tell the judge to know that the origin of the call was to do with me collapsing and passing out and your worry as my partner due to our communication prior,” she texted. “Out of care. She promised all will be relayed.”

Jonathan Majors in Creed III

“Jonathan Majors is completely innocent” claims lawyer

The lawyer also said Sunday following the arrest, “Jonathan Majors is completely innocent and is provably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows. We are quickly gathering and presenting evidence to the District Attorney with the expectation that all charges will be dropped imminently.”

Jonathan Majors was arrested on Saturday after his girlfriend alleged the actor attacked her when she tried to look at his phone as she thought another woman was texting him, which she alleged upset Majors and he got violent with her where it has been reported she went to the hospital and had visible injuries, a laceration behind her ear, redness, and marks to her face.

The U.S. Army has also yanked its big ad campaign featuring the actor.

While it was originally reported by TMZ that the night it happened, the woman and Majors had slept apart at different locations and that the woman went to the police and hospital the following morning, it’s since been learned that what happened is that the two were together, Majors called the police, the police showed up, saw the injuries, and arrested Majors.

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