JMS’ Dick-Ish Comment On Amazing Spider-Man; Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker Responds


amazing spider-manI think JMS should just stay off Facebook.

JMS posted a sales chart for the Amazing Spider-Man, with a real dick-ish comment (sorry, it was):

Sales on The Amazing Spider-Man since my departure. Just sayin’.”

The chart shows sales from January 2008-May 2010.

Well, this didn’t sit well with Marvel Comics Editor Stephen Wacker, who replied with the following:

An excellent post, JMS. Out of context, out of date and full of out-of-the-blue mean.
Everyone on ASM currently respects your years on the book (and as editor I’ve said so many times in interviews and in the letter column), but seriously this is about as creepy and low of a move as a former writer can pull on another group of creators (many of whom didn’t have the luxury you had of ducking out of controversy).
Due to the team’s hard work, ASM is still one of the best-selling, best performing comics around. And thanks to them, 130+ (on-time!) issues of ASM have come out since you left — which certainly helps mitigate the softening of the ENTIRE comics market that you’re apparently willing to ignore.
Yes, you are one of the bigger names in the comics industry. Congratulations. You’ve earned the title.
It’s a shame though that the title doesn’t come with more class…just sayin’…
Good for Wacker. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the recent NYCC. He seems like a real good dude, passionate about his comics and working with his creators. Wacker’s panel was by far the most entertaining of the entire Con.
Of course, to this, JMS had to respond. If you are familiar with JMS postings on the net, you know he has to get the last word in (or try):
Nowhere in my post did I say word one about the current creative team. Nowhere in the post was there the sort of personal attack you engage in here. Nowhere do I characterize anyone or impugn their motives or integrity. I was simply passing along raw numbers, which you do not actually refute, you simply yell at me for posting them and call names and engage in other essentially churlish behavior. In regards to ducking out of controversy, I would like to know what that refers to as I have never stepped away from either controversy or sharing my opinion.
I have always made it very clear that when I came aboard ASM I brought Peter and MJ back together because I liked writing them as a married couple. I made equally clear that the decision to unmarry them and, in the same brushstroke, eliminate virtually every story I’d written during those eight years was an editorial mandate, not my choice. I would’ve been happy to continue writing them married until the sun went out. Marvel wanted to unmarry them. That’s your choice, and your right. At no point did I duck out of anything. If you think I did, back it up: what are you referring to?
I posted numbers. Nothing more or less. If those numbers are correct, and again you do nothing to say otherwise…then your reaction is simply mean-spirited diversion. If those numbers are not correct, provide what you consider to be accurate ones. I am more than happy to have them posted here.
In the course of this, I received a friendly, measured note from Dan Slott, who is a terrific writer, who asked if I had any problems with the current creative team. I’ll tell you what I told him: I have no problem with them/him whatsoever. Dan is a terrific writer and is doing great work. I happened to come across this chart, and passed it along. Beginning, middle and end of story.
At NO point did I engage in the kind of attacking, spiteful, mean-spirited characterization you did above. It’s unfortunate that one of Marvel’s editors comports himself in this fashion, but it happens.
If you choose to continue the conversation, please try to do so in a grown-up fashion, as did Dan Slott. You might find it a refreshing change.


I’ll take it from here.

Grown-up fashion?

What kind of creator goes on his Facebook and posts a sales chart numbers with a “just sayin'” remark?


Stoke your own ego a bit more, eh, JMS?

I’ll also go on record and state that JMS’ run was the reason I left Amazing Spider-Man, “One More Dollar” and all, and came back once Dan Slott came on board.