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Exclusive: Jake Gyllenhaal Top Pick For Batman in Justice League

Exclusive: Jake Gyllenhaal Top Pick For Batman in Justice League

Our DC Entertainment source has provided us with some more news about the Justice League movie.

Cosmic Book News previously told you that the Man of Steel would be spearheading a new DC shared movie universe with new Superman Henry Cavill going on to star in the Justice League movie.

We were also the first to tell you that a new Batman movie would debut some time in 2016, with it rumored to be based on the Arkham Asylum video game.

Now our source has not only provided us with Warner Bros.’ top choice to be the new Batman, but a reported shortlist of directors, in addition to the budget and producers for the Justice League movie.

We are told that DC Comics writer and chief creative officer Geoff Johns will be on the Justice League movie as executive producer along with Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures, who is also co-financing. The budget is said to be in the $250 million range.

As we know, a director hasn’t been named as of yet, but said to be on the shortlist is Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, Ruben Fleischer, Darren Aronofsky, and Guillermo Del Toro.

Our source made it a point that it comes down to the director and producers of the Justice League movie for the choice of the new Batman, but currently, the studios’ top pick is Jake Gyllenhaal.

Batman movie historians will note that Jake Gyllenhaal was Batman Begins writer David Goyer’s first choice to play Batman, but Gyllenhaal was obviously beat out by Christopher Nolan’s pick of Christian Bale. Gyllenhaal was also up for the role of Harvey “Two Face” Dent in The Dark Knight as well.

If Jake Gyllenhaal is the new Batman, then by all accounts he will go on to star in the 2016 Batman reboot.

In addition to the above, our source told us information about the Green Lantern movie before it was released, as well as some early Man of Steel script spoilers that made their way into the final version of the movie.