It’s Hero Up Time! A Look At The Marvel Super Hero Squad MMO


Squaddies Assemble!

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley



For those of us who grew up reading comics, it gave us a passion that few hobbies could ever rival. One that followed us from awkward teenage years through adulthood, and now we get the chance to see our beloved hobby take on a whole new meaning in the eyes of our children. What better way to bond with them than to sit and read about the very same heroes we cherished as children ourselves. My four year old daughter and I love hanging out and reading Marvel’s Wizard Of Oz series, and especially, DC’s Tiny Titans. And now we have discovered, I know this has been around for awhile but she’s only four, another way to enjoy our shared interests — Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Online! 

A scaled down MMO, S.H.S.O., is a great way to have your children interact with not only the characters they read about, but other fans as well. A free and safe environment, the game lets you take control of your favorite heroes and have them traverse four different locales to find coins, tickets and character balloons that will help “level up” your characters. You can also go on missions to defeat villains and earn experience points, battle players in Pokemon style card games, go shopping for other heroes and swag, decorate your very own headquarters from paint to furniture and even visit the arcade to play exclusive mini games! All in all, it’s a great time! 

You can become a Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D. member for a monthly fee, there are varying degrees and benefits, or just play for free! Whichever way you do it, it’s guaranteed fun! 

My new “Squaddies Assemble” article, will let you know when updates occur to the game. Since there have been so many this month, I will put them in random numerical order:

1.  Released for Valentine’s Day, you can now get Daredevil and Elektra card games for around two hundred gold each!

2.  Villain’s Fury booster packs were available for a limited time for free using the code: VillainsFury!

3.  Just in time for his horrible sequel, Ghost Rider is now available for purchase! He will set you back 1,200 gold but he is AWESOME!

4.  The new classic Daredevil, in original red and yellow costume, is now available for only 350 gold!

5.  Not to be outshone by his more heroic nemesis, the Bullseye mission is now available for purchase for a mere 200 gold coins!

6.  February is definitely “street” themed, and who is more street than — The Punisher! 600 gold will get you cartoon Frank Castle, aw yeah!

7.  Sale of the century! Classic Daredevil, Scarlet Witch, Mr. Fantastic, Valkyrie and, everyone’s favorite, Nova are all on sale for 300 gold!

8.  Now your Squaddies have a voice of their own! Helmed by most of the voice talents from The Super Hero Squad Show, all your characters can now talk!

(Update! Just yesterday S.H.S.O. gave us two brand new updates for Leap Day! Luke Cage is now available for purchase for 300 gold [the cheapest regular priced character ever!] and a new Kingpin mission is available for 200 gold! I told you anything can happen on Leap Day!)

With some very big months ahead for Marvel, I think they have some movies coming out or something, there is just no telling what updates will occur for this fantastic game. But rest assured, the “DOC” and “Lil’ Thunder” will be here to keep you informed of everything! So stop reading this, call your little super heroes together and head on over to for some great family fun!