Iron Man 4: How about Neill Blomkamp?


iron man 4 neill blomkamp

It’s been four long years since the last solo Iron Man movie as Iron Man 3 came out in 2013, and unfortunately there has been no Iron Man 4 as of yet. Robert Downey Jr. has been making appearances as Tony Stark and ol’ Shellhead in various MCU movies, which includes the upcoming The Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 films, but not having an Iron Man movie is akin to DC not having a Batman movie!

Maybe if Iron Man survives Avengers 4, Marvel Studios Phase 4 plans will include Iron Man 4 (seems to fit, right?). So who should direct Iron Man 4? While Mel Gibson has stated it would be fun to direct Iron Man 4, now the director of District 9, Elysium, and the creator behind the cool science-fiction shorts from Oats Studios, Neill Blomkamp, has thrown his name into the mix.

A fan questioned Neill Blomkamp on Twitter if he ever had the chance to direct a character and MCU movie, which would it be?

Neill Blomkamp responded Iron Man!

neill blomkamp iron man 4

Having Neill Blomkamp on Iron Man or Iron Man 4 would be a rather interesting take and probably different than the previous Iron Man films, as I would guess Neill Blomkamp’s Iron Man 4 would be more sci-fi than the previous films (and better). Perhaps Neill Blomkamp could do an Iron Man 4 movie based on the Bleeding Edge nanotech armor?

I’ll also throw this out there: Neill Blomkamp would obviously be a good choice for a Marvel COSMIC movie. James Gunn has confirmed more Marvel COSMIC movies are in development and most recently name-dropped Nova. Neill Blomkamp on Richard Rider Nova would probably work, and if Neill Blomkamp really wants Iron Man, Nova and Iron Man do have a history in the comics, so why not have Robert Downey Jr. butt heads with Richard Rider in the flick?

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