Green Lantern Movie (2011): Exclusive: Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur!


picCosmic Book News was the first to bring you a look at Kilowog concept art from the Green Lantern movie.

Now, take a look at Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur! We’ve seen Abin Sur’s “corpse” from last year’s SDCC and a brief glimpse from the trailer (below), but this is your first “good” look!

This is an exclusive move preview image from Wednesday’s issue of Green Lantern #64 which is Part 1 of “War of the Green Lanterns.” Part 2 will also be available with Green Lantern Corps #58.

Abin Sur was the Green Lantern Corps member that was the predecessor to Hal Jordan. His spaceship crash landed on earth, and at the moment of his death, he sent his ring out to find a worthy candidate – “a man capable of overcoming great fear” – Hal Jordan!

Head on over to your local comic shops tomorrow to pick up Green Lantern #64 and Green Lantern Corps #58.

Updated: High-Res Scan of Abin Sur. Click to enlarge:


Green Lantern hits theaters June 17th, 2011 directed by Martin Cambell starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur.

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Here is the trailer: