Green Lantern Comics and Movie In Sync


picThis week sees the “War of the Green Lanterns,” begin, a story that crosses over into all three DC Comics Green Lantern titles.

Beginning in Green Lantern #64 and Green Lantern Corps #58, both on sale this week, and continuing in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8, the “War of the Green Lanterns” sees the battle take place within the Green Lantern Corps – particularly with its four earth members.

While Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Jon Stewart and Guy Gardner all worked together during the Sinestro War and Blackest Night, with “War” they are said to be pushed apart due to internal conflicts, as Tony Bedard spoke to Newsarama:

“‘War of the Green Lanterns’ is more of an internal thing within the Green Lantern Corps. It’s more of a brother-against-brother sort of thing, so in that way, we’ll definitely test alliances and friendships. Coming out of the War, the friendships between our four main Green Lanterns will definitely be strained or even broken in some cases. The Corps hung together against Sinestro’s forces and against the Black Lanterns, but the “War of the Green Lanterns” will push them further than those two events did.”

Bedard also mentioned that the comics and the upcoming Green Lantern movie are in sync as to make them more accessible to new readers.

“The movie is definitely important to our plans. The month [June] the movie hits will also present readers with good jumping-on points in all three Green Lantern monthlies. But we’re not reinventing the comic to follow the movie. It’s more that the entire Green Lantern franchise is coordinated so there’s a synergy between the different media, be it print, feature films, animation or online.”

Back to the “War of the Green Lanterns,” Bedard informs us that Krona, the rogue Guardian seen in Brightest Day will have a role.

“Well, it was recently revealed in Green Lantern that the big bad guy collecting all the different Corps’ Entities is the renegade Guardian of the Universe, Krona. He’s certainly a prime mover in “War of the Green Lanterns,” and since he was there at the founding of the Corps, Krona poses the most serious threat ever seen to the Green Lantern Corps. He also has an interesting motivation and goal which becomes even clearer in the War.”

Just who will the “War of the Green Lanterns” begin with?

John Stewart and Kyle Rayner, said Bedard:

“In the opening pages to Green Lantern Corps #58, I have Kyle observing how different he and John are, and yet how well they partner up. He says they are the Yin and Yang of the Green Lantern Corps — the complimentary opposites. But there’s a lot that goes unspoken between them, especially because John is more internalized, less likely to express his feelings. But all of John’s problems with Kyle will explode to the surface when John and Kyle are forced to choose very different paths to fight the threat posed by Krona, the renegade Guardian.”

Pick up Green Lantern #64 and Green Lantern Corps #58 on sale Wednesday!

Green Lantern hits theaters June 17th, 2011 directed by Martin Cambell starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur.

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