Guardians of the Galaxy #14 Review

Fourteen issues down and not a bad one in the lot!


Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

Artist: Brad Walker

Colorist: Jay Ramos

Cover Artist: Salvador Larroca

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Fourteen issues down and not a bad one in the lot! DnA prove with every issue of Guardians of the Galaxy why they are the top guns in cosmic comics storytelling industry wide.

Issue #14 picks up where #13 left off in the midst of a pitched battle between Adam Warlock and Emperor Vulcan. Things get more complicated when the Imperial Guard shows up to aid Vulcan. Warlock proves why he is the powerhouse of GoTG by besting Vulcan and the Imperial Guard before strategically retreating to Knowhere. There’s only one problem – the Imperial Guard was able to place a tracer on him during the battle. Meanwhile, Starlord’s team is making little headway on Hala in their attempt to convince Black Bolt to halt the war. Becoming frustrated, Martyr picks a fight with the Inhuman Royal Family; and after a pitched battle, the Guardians flee to Knowhere. There’s only one problem – Martyr takes it upon herself to take Crystal hostage as a means to force Black Bolt to halt the war. In other developments, Mantis and Cosmo are surprised when Moondragon brings up the subject of Starhawk. The issue ends with The Inhumans and the Imperial Guard showing up on Knowhere at exactly the same time; and catching the Guardians between them.

There were so many things to like about #14. What is that transformation Warlock is undergoing all about? I’ve never seen him turn purple before. Some have suggested that that’s the Magus coming out in him – but I’m not so sure. It just might be some sort of tantalizing clue as to who and what this version of Warlock really is. I really like Martyr’s new costume, powers, and attitude. She’s turned into a major bad a– – and this is more interesting than Phyla-Vel has ever been before. The fights were all magnificently executed and the story was fast-paced and intriguing.

I’m going to find it hard to constructively critique this issue because it is so good from beginning to end. There were a few things I noted though. In terms of art, I was mostly very satisfied – with the final splash of the upcoming throwdown between the Inhumans, Imperial Guard, and Guardians nothing short of magnificent. Walker really outdid himself with that splash. One thing that did disappoint were the portrayals of Medusa, Crystal, and Gamora. They were all looking a bit pudgy. I prefer these sexy ladies to be portrayed as a bit more lithe. Also, the humor was a bit lagging in this issue. Mind you – Cosmo, Flag, and Bug all tried – but with Rocket and Groot (i.e., the cosmic Penn and Teller) not appearing this issue, the humor mostly fell flat. Larroca’s cover, while technically well executed and accurately portraying the spirit of this issue’s story, otherwise was uninspiring. Ramos’ colors were vibrant and well-executed throughout.

In short, DnA have given us yet another magnificent issue of GoTG that holds up well as a stand alone issue and as part of the greater storylines of both GoTG and War of Kings. Next issue looks to be incredible. I can’t wait for the throw down between these three teams.

Article by: Bill Meneese

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