Good News: Black Lightning Getting Costume Fixed

Good News: Awful Black Lightning Getting Costume Fixed

Last week saw the Black Lightning TV series debut.

Overall, I thought the episode was pretty awesome, and it definitely didn’t feel like I was watching another lame episode of Supergirl, Arrow, Legends or The Flash.

Black Lightning wasn’t goofy, and I felt it was more serious, which I really liked.

As the episode progressed, I found myself thinking that “I hope they don’t ‘CW’ it up.”

Sure enough they did.

Black Lightning Costume

The last ten or fifteen minutes of Black Lightning saw the character don his new suit, which I felt was just awful (I also wasn’t big that his daughter was shown with powers). I think I would actually prefer there be no goofy costume.

Anyway, the good news is that as the season continues, apparently the Black Lightning costume will as well.

TVLine reports about the costume: “It’s like a piece of technology, so, there is, like, the 2.0 version and the 3.0 version…,” series star Cress Williams rcently shared at TCA press tour earlier this month. “It’s always been cool, but it gets even better and better. Our latest version is pretty awesome.”

It’s also learned that the ratings for Black Lightning were high, as the show saw the highest ratings for The CW at that Tuesday 9pm EST timeslot in three years (previously held by Legends) and its best demo rating in two years.

Watch a preview for the next episode:

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