‘The Future Is Female For Marvel’ Says Scarlett Johansson


Comic-Con saw a slew of Marvel Studios-related announcements, all of which were basically female-centric as the cast of Eternals was revealed, which gender-bended classic characters; Natalie Portman was announced as Female Thor and even takes on the Mighty Thor name, and Elizabeth Olsen will star in Doctor Strange 2, with the first Black Widow footage also having dropped in Hall H.

Some fans aren’t too happy with the announcements made by Marvel as, while of course there is nothing wrong with propping up female characters and actresses, but problems arise when it’s at the expense of male characters, such as the replacement of the Eternal Makkari with a deaf female character. I’ve been arguing for literally years if you are going to change the characters so drastically (Feige’s zombie audience won’t know the difference, but comic book fans do), why not create a new character (and Feige had the audacity to bring up Jack Kirby’s name in Hall H when he did the announcement, SMH).

Since the release of Captain Marvel, it’s no secret that Feige and Marvel Studios have been going the PC SJW liberal route (you can’t even refer to the X-Men as “men” anymore), and now Scarlett Johansson confirms that the MCU Phase 4 is all about females (via ET):

It’s pretty explosive. The future is female for Marvel, that’s what it feels like.

Again, nothing wrong with pushing the female angle, but when it comes at the expense of something else (ahem… Disney Star Wars), it usually backfires.

I was also afraid that Marvel and Disney would be promoting Black Widow as another feminist movie, which I’m guessing looks to be the case.

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