Natalie Portman Called “Mighty Thor” In ‘Love and Thunder’


Comic-Con saw the massively disappointing news that Natalie Portman will be back for Thor 4 as the female version of the character that has been a disaster in the comics.

Now Taiki Waititi adds to the disappointment as he reveals what the Natalie Portman Thor will be referred to in the movie.

A feminist fan remarked how Thor is simply referred to as Thor when he is a man, but when the character is a female, it’s “Female Thor.”

Waititi replied on Twitter, “Correction. She’s called Mighty Thor.”

Natalie Portman Female Thor

Natalie Portman not Female Thor but Mighty Thor

So let’s get this straight, Thor is referred to as Thor, not because that is his name, but because he is a man? And so a female version of him would also use the same name and not be labeled a “female?” 

So I suppose a comparison is that since my name is Matt, that a female version of me wouldn’t be called Female Matt, but Mighty Matt? Makes sense. 

I’m actually surprised that Natalie Portman has returned as back when filming was taking place on Thor: The Dark World, reportedly there was contention between Portman and Marvel Studios over the ouster of director Patty Jenkins. It was said that things got so bad between Portman and Marvel that she was forced to do the movie. Now it could be possible that the problems with Marvel and Portman were actually with Ike Perlmutter and not Kevin Feige, as Feige eventually cut Perlmutter off from the movies.

That said, does anyone really want Natalie Portman back in the MCU? And back as Female Thor? The comics were simply awful, and Portman and Hemsworth have zero chemistry. Marvel’s Phase 4 is coming off as a major disappointment.

I was actually in San Diego and following the announcement at Comic-Con a lot of fans and industry professionals loathed the thought of Portman playing Female Thor.

Natalie Portman Female Thor

Natalie Portman Thor Love Thunder

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