‘Furiosa’ Has Fallen: Bombs At Box Office, Removed From Nearly 1000 Theaters

The flick has dropped massively in its third weekend and has killed the franchise.

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George Miller’s Furiosa starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth is turning out to be a major bomb at the box office.

In its third weekend of release, the film has dropped out of the top five and only brought in $4.2 million — another 60% drop on top of the second weekend’s 60% drop.

Furiosa is now at only $58.7 million domestically, with a worldwide gross of $144.4 million. The flick cost north of $168 million to make.

The film has also fallen to #6 on the weekend box office charts, now having been surpassed by Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and IF.

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Yanked from theaters

It’s also said Warner Bros. is starting to yank the film from theaters, said to be nearly a 1000.

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Fizzled in China

The Chinese box office, which used to be huge for Hollywood, has also rejected Furiosa in favor of local movies.

THR reports how the movie fizzled in China which opened in sixth place with $3.7 million and is only expected to bring in $7.5 million in total.

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Killed the franchise

The first movie starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy in the same 17-day time frame had brought in over $116 million domestically back in 2015.

It’s now said as a result of the poor performance of the female-driven Furiosa, that George Miller will likely not be doing the planned third movie as the franchise has been killed.


What are fans watching instead?

In addition to fans going to see Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and IF, they turned out for the opening of this week’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence which overperformed with $56 million.

Garfield came in at #2 with $10 million and has made nearly $200 million at the box office, with nearly a $69M domestical haul.

If is #3 with $8 million and has brought in over $160M worldwide, with nearly $100M domestically.

At #4 is The Watchers, which bombed with a $7M opening, another female-led flick.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes comes in at #5 with $5.4M in its fifth weekend and has a worldwide gross of $360 million and a domestical gross of $150M.

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