Female-Driven ‘Furiosa’ Kills ‘Mad Max’ Franchise: Women Didn’t Show Up

In a story all too familiar, with the targeted audience not responding, the third movie is now in doubt.

female led furisoa kills mad max franchise

It’s #RIPMadMax as the female-driven Furiosa movie that is bombing big time at the box office likely has killed George Miller’s Mad Max franchise.

The story is all too familiar, especially to Marvel and Star Wars fans, as instead of targeting the intended audience, Furiosa was marketed as a female-driven vehicle, but that backfired as the targeted audience didn’t show up.

chris hemsworth furiosa

Females didn’t show up

The previous film, Fury Road, which also didn’t do all that well, starred Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy and had 40 percent of its audience made up of females.

Furiosa, starring unknown Anya Taylor-Joy and Hollywood’s go to simp guy, Chris Hemsworth? 29 percent female.

Likewise and also similar to both Marvel and Star Wars, the younger audience isn’t interested. The data reveals the 18-24 age group – who are the most frequent moviegoers – plummeted from 31 percent for Fury Road to 21 percent for Furiosa.

furiosa chris hemsworth

Marketed as female-driven backfires

Sure, it can be argued Mad Max is more of a niche franchise, but then why give the flick a massive $170 million budget?

Fury Road had a similar budget and only brought in $380 million. Did they really think Furiosa was going to make more minus Theron and Hardy all the while being promoted as female-driven?

anya taylor joy furiosa

Mad Max: Wasteland in doubt

Furiosa currently has a worldwide box office of only $116 million with a domestic haul of only $50 million.

It’s thought by people in the industry that the flick might not even make to to $100 million domestically, which is a complete disaster (Fury Road brought in $154M).

Director George Miller has said he has plans for a third movie, Mad Max: Wasteland, but said the third movie depends on how well Furiosa does, so it appears as if Wasteland is wasted.

“I’ll definitely wait to see how this [Furiosa] goes, before we even think about it,” Miller told press last month.

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