‘Furiosa’ Bombing Big Time At Box Office

Female-led flick featuring goofy looking male character. What happened? (Updated)

furiosa bombing box office

George Miller’s Furiosa is bombing big time at the box office, which stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, in the prequel to Fury Road that starred Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy.

It’s bombing so bad that Furiosa is scoring the lowest Memorial Day opening in decades.

While estimates had the film opening to as high as $55 million for the FOUR day weekend, it’s now looking like Furiosa will only open to a $31M-$33M FOUR day weekend, which of course means the 3-day is even lower.

Fury Road back in 2015 opened to over $45.4 million for it’s THREE day weekend, which opened the weekend prior to Memorial Day.

Sunday update: Furiosa brought in $25.6 million for its 3-day, which might not even be enough to take the top spot at the box office, as Garfield grossed $24.8 million for its 3-day, so everything depends on the Monday numbers.

Furisoa is also underperforming internationally with $33.3 million, so the worldwide box office is looking like a measly $58.9 million.

Garfield looks to have a worldwide box office of $91.1 million, where it opened earlier in the month in foreign markets; however, Garfield only cost around $60 million to make while Furiosa cost more than $160 million.

Furiosa‘s Rotten Tomatoes scores are both at 90%.

Monday update: It’s looking like Furiosa will come out on top with $32M to Garfield’s $31.1 million for the 4-day holiday weekend.

Second weekend update

Sunday 6/3 update: For it’s second weekend, Furiosa is dropping to #3 at the box office with $10.75M (-59%), trailing behind Garfield at #1 ($14M -52%) also in its second weekend, and also behind IF ($10.8M (-33% in weekend 3) which in its third weekend.

Furiosa is at a current $114M worldwide box office; Garfield at $152M; IF at $138M.

Monday 6/4 update: Trades are now reporting Furiosa came in at #2 for the weekend with $10.785M, and IF came in #3 with $10.5M.

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Hollywood is in panic mode as Deadline goes over the stats in their article in part titled “How Worried Should Hollywood Be About Theatrical?”

THR also offers: “Box Office Meltdown: ‘Furiosa’ or ‘Garfield’ to Win Memorial Day With Worst No. 1 Opening in Three Decades.”

Regarding the stats, it sounds all too familiar: Furiosa is another female-led flick that features a goofy male character. The hardcore fanboys showed up but guess who didn’t? The women.

It’s also learned the younger generation, the Gen Z’ers – who have $450 billion in spending money – aren’t interested at all. Where did we hear that before?

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Furiosa is another movie that also happens to have great reviews from critics but the fans don’t seem to be on the same page, as the CinemaScore is only a B+, which isn’t very good.

I think fans are more in tune with word-of-mouth and care less about the critics reviews (which often come off as shilling) and are more careful where they spend their money.

Who cares about Furiosa? First off, it’s a prequel and second off, it doesn’t feature either Theron or Hardy. There’s just no hype surrounding the movie and there never has been.

Chris Pratt’s Garfield is also now in theaters, which is now suggested to possibly top Furiosa, which was unheard of just a few days ago.

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