The First Cosmic Book News Fantasy Hollywood Draft


The First Ever Fantasy Hollywood Draft


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1906:]]Every entertainment website has fun with “casting calls” for movies we’d all like to see get made by Hollywood.  But what if we turned this process into a bit of a competition by placing limitations on who could be chosen and then compared each respective production based on the strength of the general idea, vision and cast alone?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, what you get is the first ever, Fantasy Hollywood Draft, and the principles of this game operate along the same lines as fantasy sport leagues. 

Seven of’s contributors got together to put our unique perspectives to the test to see if any and/or all of us have what it takes (more likely, more than what it takes) to lay the groundwork for true Hollywood magic in lieu of the drivel it seems more concerned with outputting in general, year after year.  Our EIC, Matt McGloin, Chris Bushley, Brian Amey, Kevin Faltisco, Casey Gordon, John Tripi and yours truly, Lawrence Napoli conducted a round by round drafting of Hollywood talent to build our fantasy productions. 

As for the rules, we each drafted one director and seven featured actors with the stipulation that no individual talent that was chosen with a draft pick could be used simultaneously with another person’s production.  This reproduces the effect of an actor’s availability provided all of these productions would get made around the same time frame.  Of course, few casts are comprised of just seven actors, and so each theoretical production was allowed any number of supplemental cast members that could be drawn from the remaining talent pool.  For instance, if nobody drafted William Shatner — and every one of us figured he’d be a great addition after the draft, we could all include him in our casts.

None of us knew what kind of film any of the others were individually drafting for.  That information will only be revealed when each of us write an article presenting our fantasy films to the online community.  Then we leave it to you, the readers, to determine who constructed the best “fantasy film” and if any one of them could/should be something Hollywood ought to look into.  Everyone seems to have clear ideas for their films as some interesting choices were made that are atypical of “who’s hot right now.”  Greater risk taking in casting is something Hollywood has clearly lost touch with, so perhaps some of our selections will be eye-opening if given a moment or two to percolate.    

Draft order was determined by names drawn from a hat, and what follows is the round by round, overall order of our actual draft picks. 


[Round 1]

1) Kevin – Tom Hiddleston

2) Chris – Frank Daranbont (director) 

3) Lawrence – Christopher Nolan (director)

4) Matt – Joss Whedon (director)

5) Brian – Quentin Tarantino (director)

6) Casey – James Cameron (director)

7) John – George Lucas (director)


[Round 2]

8) John – Karl Urban

9) Casey – Patrick Stewart

10) Brian – John Malkovich

11) Matt – Robert Pattison

12) Lawrence – Liam Neeson

13) Chris – Zach Mills

14) Kevin – Jonathan Liebesman (director)


[Round 3]

15) Kevin – Cillian Murphy

16) Chris – Rhys Ifans

17) Lawrence – Gary Oldman

18) Matt – Viggo Mortenson

19) Brian – Jospeh Parsons

20) Casey – Chris Hemsworth

21) John – Jeffrey Combs


[Round 4]

22) John – Chuck Norris

23) Casey – Sean Connery

24) Brian – Anthony Hopkins

25) Matt – Steven Strait                                  

26) Lawrence – James McAvoy

27) Chris – Willow Shields

28) Kevin – “Dane” Judi Dench


[Round 5]

29) Kevin – Jeremy Renner

30) Chris – Gene Hackman

31) Lawrence – Michael Fassbender

32) Matt – Christina Ricci

33) Brian – John Goodman

34) Casey – Jack Nicholson

35) John – Gina Torres                                


[Round 6]

36) John – Andrew Lincoln

37) Casey – Tom Felton

38) Brian – Leonard Nimoy                                   

39) Matt – John Cho                                        

40) Lawrence – Joseph Gordon Levitt                                         

41) Chris – Rachael McAdams                                          

42) Kevin – Kate Beckinsale                                                


[Round 7]

43) Kevin – Charles Dance                                             

44) Chris – Julie Andrews                                      

45) Lawrence – Olivia Wilde                                         

46) Matt – Carlie Casey                                                  

47) Brian – Sean Penn                                              

48) Casey – Cate Blanchett                                          

49) John – Amy Adams                                                  


[Round 8]

50) John – George Takei                                               

51) Casey – Josh Hutcherson                                       

52) Brian – Robin Williams                         

53) Matt – Christoph Waltz                                       

54) Lawrence – Tim Roth                                   

55) Chris – Riley Griffiths                                        

56) Kevin – Joseph D. Kucan