Lawrence Napoli

Lawrence Napoli

Lawrence Napoli is our expert movie reviewer and podcaster. Lawrence is a film school student graduate.


Will Death Stranding Be Any Good?

(Editor’s note: The following is an opinion piece regarding commentary on the reviews for the “Death Stranding” video game. Lawrence Napoli reviews movies for us and at times handles video game-related content.) Understanding Death Stranding’s Metacritic Scores Ever since Death Stranding was announced at E3 back in 2016, gamers have been intrigued and excited at …

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OP-ED: A Response To Marvel Bashing Comments By Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese

(Editor’s note: The following is a response to recent comments made by Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese regarding Marvel movies. Lawrence reviews movies for Cosmic Book News and is a film school graduate. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of Cosmic Book News.) Marvel vs. Curmudgeons Is it Wabbit Season …

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Thoughts

Resident Evil 2 Remake Thoughts

E3 2018 Quick Asides: Resident Evil 2 Remake Revisiting Familiar Survival Horror with Style   Resident Evil 2 for the PS1 was the first “survival horror” game I ever played.  I remember this experience distinctly as some friends (Allan M. and Danny K.) and I rented it and tried playing it the way we had …

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Fallout 76

Fallout 76 E3 Thoughts

E3 2018 Quick Asides: Fallout 76 Radioactive Fallout from Games as Service   Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games of all time, having logged hundreds of hours into multiple platforms and too many player builds to count.  When Bethesda released that game back in 2008 and the sprawling open world beckoned players into …

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Death Stranding

Death Stranding E3 Thoughts

E3 2018 Quick Asides: Death Stranding What’s With All This Walking?   Those who follow the video game industry know that it has more than its fair share of drama, corporate buffoonery and political power moves all in the name of vying for control of what’s to be done next with the company’s assets moving …

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Han Solo Review

Han Solo Review

The Only Prescription is More Soy A Film Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story Years from now, people may regard Solo: A Star Wars Story as simply another chapter in a series of blockbuster space operas that at one point was the gold standard for cinematic entertainment.  However, the current zeitgeist for the Star …

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Deadpool 2 Review

Deadpool 2 Review

Here’s a Tip for the Pool Boy A Film Review of Deadpool 2 Everyone who is a fan of movies and well versed in Hollywood’s business culture should be happy that a film like Deadpool exists.  In such a cynical world of formulaic, profit predictive, pre-release audience tested, social agenda subversive, superhero and visual effect …

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Infinity War Review

The Avengers: Infinity War Review

Rewarding the Faithful A Film Review of Avengers: Infinity War Bold.  Bold is a word that so easily gets tossed into the promotion of so many products, concepts and movements in today’s western culture that society has developed a tendency to take such lofty promises with a healthy grain of salt thanks to several end …

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Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One Review

The Altar of Pop Culture A Ready Player One Review   There are no heroes.  Everyone has an agenda.  Nothing is sacred.  In this day in age for every shining example to aspire to regarding any walk of life, examples of the extreme opposite have been revealed in those same pockets of actuality.  In tumultuous times, …

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Get Out Review

Get Out Movie Review

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them A Film Review of Get Out   It has been a full year since the cultural phenomenon known as Jordan Peele’s Get Out released in theatres and circumstances kept me from a first wave screening and review.  Since its release, this film has received nigh universal praise for …

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Black Panther Review

Black Panther Review

Progress A Film Review of Black Panther   Hollywood is a highly profitable industry which, like every other, has been exploited and controlled by a select cross section of people.  The demand for increased diversity in Hollywood within the industry stems from more than just people of color wanting to make bigger Hollywood money; although …

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

The Truths to Which We Claim A Film Review of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi   Rosebud?  There is no spoon?  Finkle is Einhorn?  I am your father?  Cinema and “the truth” are partners in a never ending dance of chaos and control that thrust apart to create dramatic conflict and come together …

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Justice League Review

Justice League Review

Going Through the Motions A Film Review of Justice League   I wish you all a belated, Happy Thanksgiving and pre-season’s greetings as Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend has passed and we can shift focus from rampant consumerism back to what really matters: entertainment.  Just kidding, but seriously, one thing I continue to give thanks for …

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Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Rag-Na-Rock-And-Roll! A film review of Thor: Ragnarok By Lawrence Napoli   When the end credits finished rolling on the screen my initial reaction to this film was, “Wow!  That was a ton of fun crammed into one feature length film!”  There’s so much action, so many visual effects and so many laughs that the shear …

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Blade Runner 2049 Review

Blade Runner 2049 Review

A Long Time Coming A Film Review of Blade Runner 2049   Blade Runner (now a film franchise) represents a corner of science fiction less interested in invading aliens, space travel and flashy technology and far more intrigued with using mankind’s ever increasing knowledge of science and its advancing application to further explore the nature …

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IT Movie Review

IT Movie Review

It Brings Back Horror A Film Review of It (2017)   If there’s one thing American horror films can be counted upon these days it’s adhering to a relatively basic list of prerequisites to get the final product in the can as quickly as possible to move on to the next project.  Jamming in tropes, …

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