Exclusive: Ben Affleck Made Huge Positive Impression For Warner Bros. With Batman & Justice League



Last night Warner Bros. announced Ben Affleck to be the new Batman starring opposite Henry Cavill in the as-of-yet untitled Batman/Superman movie slated for a July 17, 2015 release directed by Zack Snyder with a script from David Goyer.

The news took the internet by storm with Batman and Ben Affleck quickly trending worldwide on Twitter and all the various social media networks.

Cosmic Book News has learned a few details about the casting process and decision that went into the new Batman from a source close to Warner Bros.

As we previously told you, Tyler Hoechlin was up for the role and was given heavy consideration.

We are also told that Karl Urban was up to be the new Batman, but his schedule prevented it.

Regarding Ben Affleck, he was #3 on the list, behind the two aforementioned names.

We’ve been told WB went with Affleck because they love his dedication as an actor and director.

It’s said Ben Affleck made a “HUGE” positive impression on Warner Bros. during the Justice League talks, “they feel he truly gets it.”

Cosmic Book News was also told that Ben Affleck signed on multi-picture deal, and that Lex Luthor has been cast.