Elon Musk, Kayne West, Bill Gates Twitter Hacked In Bitcoin Scam


Currently underway on Twitter is a Bitcoin scam involving the hacked accounts of notable individuals and corporations including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Obama, Kayne West, Apple, and more.

It’s claimed that a hacker or hackers got a hold of an executive Twitter account that is able to access accounts without a password.

Many of the hacked accounts are claiming they had 2-factor authorization as well as a strong password, which is supposed to make it difficult for hackers to get access, but somehow the hackers were able to hack into a Twitter account for someone who works with the company.

The hackers took over Twitter accounts and posted messages stating that people should send Bitcoin to a certain Bitcoin address, and in turn, they will send out double.

“We are giving back to our community. We support Bitcoin and we believe you should too!” states a tweet from the official Apple Twitter account. “All Bitcoin sent to our address below will be sent back to you doubled!

Apple Twitter Bitcoin Scam Hack

Twitter hacked: Do Not Send Bitcoin, It’s A Scam! 

To be clear, the accounts have been hacked, so DO NOT send any Bitcoin to the listed address.

Among the hacked accounts also includes cryptocurrency companies such as Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, Jucoin, Gate.io, Coindesk, Tron, as well as Tron founder Justin Sun, and Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.

Again, DO NOT send any Bitcoin to any of the addresses.

Apple Twitter Bitcoin Scam Hack

Apple Twitter Bitcoin Scam Hack

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