Elon Musk Says Disney Has Major Content Problem: Go Woke Go Broke

Follows the controversy about companies boycotting X (Twitter).

Elon Musk Says Marvel Doesn't Support Free Speech: 'Cancel Them'

Elon Musk says Disney has a major content problem.

The eccentric billionaire recently appeared on CNBC and told advertisers who are trying to “blackmail” him including Disney to “go f— yourself.”

Musk tweeted Saturday, “Disney has a major content problem. Almost their entire upcoming slate is unwatchable. They are the world’s biggest example of go woke, go broke lol.”

elon musk disney woke broke

A parody account also listed the companies boycotting Twitter.

elon musk disney marvel tweet

Elon Musk also called out Disney CEO Bob Iger on CNBC.

“Go f-ck yourself, is that clear? I hope it is. Hey, Bob. If you’re in the audience,” he said and waved. “That’s how I feel.”

Shortly after, how to cancel Disney+ went viral on the social network. Watch the interview below.

Regarding what happened, Musk responded to and supported a tweet deemed anti-Semitic and came out against the ADL, which saw advertisers then boycott the company.

“If somebody’s going to try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go f— yourself,” Musk said on CNBC.

elon musk tweet
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Watch the video:

Elon Musk to advertisers who are trying to ‘blackmail’ him: ‘Go f--- yourself’

(Editor’s note: article has been corrected to reflect the tweet is from an Elon Musk parody account)

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