Details Behind Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Casting



Earlier today saw Marvel and Sony announce 19-year-old English actor Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man with Jon Watts set to direct the film.

Now Variety reports on the inside decision as to how both Watts and Holland were chosen.


According to the report, following “underwhelming” meetings with unknown actors, the search for a new Spider-Man was widened to include actors with a “somewhat” proven track record, with Asa Butterfield, Charlie Rowe, Matthew Lintz and Tom Holland becoming the frontrunners. The list was eventually narrowed to two favorites with Lowe and Holland.

Tom Holland became the choice by Marvel and Sony as it’s said Holland was an already established name who proved he could hold his own alongside bigger-named stars such as when Holland starred in The Impossible with Ewan McGreggor and Naomi Watts.

It’s further said Tom Holland is at an age in which he is still young enough that he will be able to play a teenage Spider-Man for years to come (Marvel’s Kevin Feige stated the new Peter Parker is in high school), and that the decision for an adult teenage actor was made in part due to the studios not wanting to deal with child labor laws that restrict the lengths of film shoots.


Regarding Jon Watts, the report mentions Ted Melfi (St. Vincent), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Vacation) were also potential contenders to direct Spider-Man as their experience on the comedic side as well as use of younger actors made them stand out choices.

It’s said, apparently Levine and Melfi became frustrated with the process, and Marvel/Sony was worried it would carry over to the Spider-Man movie production, which ended up opening the job up for Watts. In addition, Watts’ work on Cop Car is said to have earned him bonus points as the film received rave reviews at Sundance.


While the Marvel and Sony official announcement made no mention of Tom Holland appearing as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, the report states Holland is expected to make an appearance “in order to properly introduce him into the Marvel film universe.”

Holland’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War is said to only be a small cameo as it’s mentioned Holland will only be needed for a week of filming.

Update: THR is reporting that Tom Holland had a screen test with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, and that Tony Stark/Iron Man will share scenes with Peter Parker/Spider-Man. It’s said Marvel was looking for chemistry between the actors and Holland.

Tom Holland recently finished filming “In The Heart Of The Sea” (out December 11th), which stars The Avengers’ Thor actor Chris Hemsworth (pictured above via USA Today).

“Captain America: Civil War” has a May 6, 2016 release; the new “Spider-Man” movie is due out July 28, 2017.