DC Comics In Trouble? Ships Lowest Number Of Comics In June


It has been said that DC Comics might be in big trouble, and now it is learned the company only published 50 comics this past June, a new low, which follows the previous 52 low from December.

Diamond released their official numbers for June which shows:

  • DC Comics only published 50 comics for the month of June
  • Only had 26.71% of the retail market share (to Marvel’s 43.38%)
  • Only had 26.44% of the unit market share (to Marvel’s 48.93%)

By comparison, Marvel Comics released more than double the amount of DC Comics in June with 104.

DC Comics

DC Comics troubles continue

Regarding DC Comics potentially being in trouble, back in February I posted how DC would be cutting the line and would be cutting it further.

Former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver also offered that “the comic book industry is collapsing” and regarding DC, weighed in that “more fat-trimming will be coming.” We see Ethan Van Sciver was right as not only did DC ship their least amount of comics ever this past June, but DC also recently canceled their Vertigo comics line and is attempting to launch new brands, which remains to be seen if they will take hold with the fans.

Comic book artist and creator Rob Liefeld also recently said DC Comics is “gonna drive off a cliff here real soon,” adding, “I ain’t never seen a company in as much disarray as DC Comics…”

DC Comics

Fans still want to buy comics

What is interesting about what Ethan Van Sciver and Rob Liefeld have had to say is that fans still want to buy comics, it’s just that both DC Comics and Marvel are not providing what fans want (something we’ve been saying for the past eight years).

Liefeld says he is seeing fans buying older issues of comics, while Van Sciver says the SJW infestation of the comic book industry is to blame for the downfall.

Ethan Van Sciver has since been launching his own crowd-funded comics and is helping others to launch their own, which have literally brought in millions of dollars.

Rob Liefeld has been tackling new projects, including Major X at Marvel and the recently announced GI Joe Snake Eyes series at IDW.