David Corenswet ‘Fully Immersed’ As New Superman Says James Gunn

Comments on music score, new DCU opening sequence, Batman 2, more.

Comments on music score, new DCU opening sequence, Batman 2, more.

David Corenswet 'Fully immersed' As New Superman Says James Gunn

David Coreneswet is “fully immersed” as the new Superman, as co-head of the new DCU and director James Gunn continues offering updates on social media.

Gunn comments on Corenswet, the new Superman suit, recent casting rumors, a new DC opening sequence, The Batman 2, the Joker movies, and even reveals the score of Superman: Legacy has been worked on but doesn’t have a composer as of yet.

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Fan Art

Storyboard featuring new Man of Steel revealed

Regarding David Corenswet as the new Man of Steel, it’s already known he’s gone through quite the body transformation in a short few months. Images have surfaced on social media showing the 30-year-old actor going from a skinny pretty boy to a jacked adonis.

“How’s David Corenswet doing?” a fan questioned on Threads.

Gunn enthusiastically replied, “I love that guy! Fully immersed.”

Another fan curious about the look of the new suit asked, “Will his Superman suit be more classic, modern, or something totally new and different?”

“All of the above,” said Gunn.

James Gunn also previously said the big reveal of David Corenswet as Superman won’t be coming for a while. Gunn said the new David Corenswet Superman: Legacy suit will “definitely not” be revealed to the world “until after we’re filming.” 

Gunn also shared a storyboard he has been working on revealing the camera angles in play.

“Spoiler??!! Well, probably not. I’m constantly drawing Superman Legacy shots and storyboards all over everything. Here’s one I just sent to my department heads to understand how tight a shot was going to be we had been discussing,” posted Gunn.

Gunn added, “The camera is moving back with the character. For me, the full arrows are camera movement, the thin arrows are subject movement.”

james gunn superman david corenswet storyboard
david corenswet superman legacy fan art
Fan Art

On those casting rumors

Regarding the casting rumors, Gunn recently shot down rumors his Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel actors would be boarding Superman: Legacy.

“Despite Pom being one of my favorite actors to work with, this is not true. Not only is Pom Klementieff not in the movie, but no one has ever even discussed her being in the movie, nor do I have any idea what role she would possibly play. I have no idea where this came from,” he said.

Gunn added, “Miriam isn’t presently cast either, but I’d love to find a place for her.”

A fan happened to also remark, “Maybe it’s a thing where they heard Pom is in talks for a DCU role and just immediately assumed it was Legacy.”

Gunn shot back, “She’s not in talks. WE talked, meaning she and I, privately.”

Another fan also said, “Pom said earlier in the year, that you two have discussed the possibility of a role in the DCU does that still hold true?”

“One thousand percent – a specific character that has nothing to do with Superman Legacy,” said Gunn adding in another post, “I honest to God can’t imagine where the Pom thing came from. It’s so weird to me. Usually, the actual trades aren’t this far off.”

Another fan also questioned, “So Is it true that Miriam Shor has been cast as the head of the CIA in SUPERMAN: LEGACY?”

“No, it is not. I’d like to find a place for Miriam in the DCU, maybe even in Legacy, but she isn’t presently cast in anything,” said Gunn.

James Gunn Superman Legacy

Epic score incoming

Superman: Legacy is expected to have an epic score, much like what Hans Zimmer did with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and of course the John Williams music score for the Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve movies.

“Hi James, I’d like to know where you are in the process of creating Superman’s costume and music?” asked a fan.

Gunn replied, “The costume is mostly done but we’re still going back and forth on some elements. A lot of the score – maybe even most of the major themes – have already been written.”

“Is there a reason no composer has been announced?” a fan questioned.

Gunn replied, “I’m not sure the deal is closed yet. I have to check. (And yes I know that sounds crazy since so much of the score has been written, but when you’re riding the waves of inspiration, what are you going to do? I wrote most of Peacemaker and all of Creature Commandos before I had a closed deal!).”

A fan followed up with, “How does that work? I always assumed the score would be written in the post production stage with edited footage as inspiration. Or do you just have a clear idea of how you want the movie to sound?”

Gunn said, “It’s uncommon but I’ve been having scores written before the movies are shot – we play the music on set – all the way back to Super.”

Another fan also asked, “I understand there’s no signed on composer. But they are still writing the score? How come?”

‘It just means the contract is in process but not necessarily signed yet. It might be signed by now for all I know,” said Gunn.

Superman: Legacy: James Gunn Confirms Nicholas Hoult As Lex Luthor

New DCU opening sequence

With the new DCU will also come a new opening sequence.

“What are the chances DC Studios gets a new open logo sequence. The current one has been around for a bit and with such a momentous shift at the studio, a new and maybe simplified logo sequence would be a really cool way to mark the start of the new continuity,” asked a fan.

Gunn confirmed, “It will change with the DCU.”

the batman robert pattinson

The Batman 2 and Joker are Elseworlds

Regarding The Batman 2, Gunn confirmed the script hasn’t been turned in and also commented on the flicks and Todd Phillips’ Joker movies not being a part of the DCU.

“I heard a pitch. No script yet,” he answered in response to a fan questioning, “What about The Batman 2? Have you read any drafts or heard of any developments?”

A fan also questioned Gunn, “Why isn’t [director Matt] Reeves’ The Batman allowed to exist within the new DCU?”

“It’s not an ‘allowed’ thing,” Gunn responded. “It’s Matt’s choice, and we respect that.”

Update: Gunn confirms Matt Reeves is a part of the DCU developing the Arkham series.

Another fan asked, “You mentioned movies like The Batman and Joker are separate from DCU….how much you are involved in these movies…do you know what their stories or did read the scripts?…”

Gunn said, “Todd had Joker in full swing by the time we came onboard – I’ve watched and given notes, but it is mostly with WB, where it started. Everything forward in live-action we’re involved with.”

Gunn also confirmed the Elseworlds logo will be different from the main continuity logo.

“Yes that’s the plan,” said Gunn.

Superman: Legacy flies in theaters on July 11, 2025 also starring Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor.

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