James Gunn Describes David Corenswet Superman Suit

Fans are ancy about the new suit for the new Man of Steel.

Fans are ancy about the new suit for the new Man of Steel.

James Gunn Describes David Corenswet Superman Suit

James Gunn confirms a description for the new David Corenswet Superman suit which will certainly be the talk of the town when it’s revealed.

Answering fan questions again on Threads, Gunn is asked, “Will his Superman suit be more classic, modern, or something totally new and different?”

Gunn isn’t going to respond with particulars and spoil things before the big reveal, but he replied, “All of the above.”

Regarding when the big reveal is coming, that seems to be a long way off and it also offers how James Gunn will be filming Superman: Legacy.

david corenswet superman
Fan art

When is the big reveal?

Back in November, Gunn revealed the new David Corenswet Superman: Legacy suit will “definitely not” be revealed to the world “until after we’re filming.” 

So what that means is James Gunn apparently won’t be filming any of the scenes with Corenswet in the suit in public, meaning everything will be shot behind closed doors at the studio.

I can recall when Zack Snyder was filming Man of Steel, he filmed at Edwards Air Force Base with Henry Cavill in the new Superman suit and the paparazzi were using long-range telescopic lenses to snap photos and leak images. Back then I was told the Edwards Air Force Base was up in arms over the leaks as it could have been looked at as a security violation.

James Gunn is due to film Superman: Legacy this Spring, so regarding the big David Corenswet reveal, maybe it will come this Summer at the San Diego Comic-Con?

Superman: Legacy is due out July 11, 2025, so that would be prior to SDCC 2025, which would mean SDCC 2024 would be the only Comic-Con for Gunn and the cast to promote the flick.

james gunn bluesky superman black logo
Via James Gunn Bluesky social media

What do the rumors say?

Rumors and leaks have offered the Gunn is trying to find the perfect David Corenswet Superman suit with it claimed concept art is based on Fleischer, Rebirth, the Classic, etc.

“There is concept art of Superman both with and without trunks. I’m assuming the decision of whether he’ll have trunks or not will be dependent on how it looks in the actual costume tests,” said the leak.

There is also speculation that Gunn might be going with black in the logo, a reference to the version that first debuted in Superman #4 in 1940 due to Gunn’s social media posts where it’s thought he might be a big fan of the suit.

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