Daredevil: Asian Actor Had To Pay For Own Flights


According to Peter Shinkoda, the Asian actor who played Nobu, he had to pay for his own flights while white actors did not while filming Marvel’s Daredevil for Netflix.

Shinkoda tweeted Tuesday again about his experience working with Marvel.

“Run into pals a lot at auditions. 2 white actor pals from @daredevil who did less eps than me were SHOCKED I had to fly myself in…because they didn’t. That was not surprising to me at all…but was still was painful to learn in retrospect,” tweeted Shinkoda.

Update: Shinkoda also said the following about his pay:

Jeph Loeb Marvel

Daredevil problems with Jeph Loeb

This isn’t the first time that Peter Shinkoda has claimed there have been problems with Marvel’s Daredevil as previously Shinkoda said Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel TV at the time and executive producer on Daredevil, demanded Asian storylines get cut from the series.

“Jeph Loeb told the writer’s room not to write for Nobu and Gao, and this was reiterated many times by many of the writers and showrunners, that nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people,” Shinkoda said at the Save Daredevil convention in July. “‘There were three previous Marvel movies, a trilogy called Blade, where Wesley Snipes kills 200 Asians each movie, nobody gives a sht-t, so don’t write about Nobu and Gao,’ and they were forced to put their storyline down and drop it.”

Shinkoda also tweeted in July he wasn’t even invited to the Daredevil Season 2 premiere.

#WaiChingHo aka #MadameGao and I, aka #Nobu of #Daredevil weren’t at the season 2 premiere…because we weren’t invited. Wai was insulted…and that pissed me off A LOT. We found out about the event as it live-streamed. ‘They’ were sorry we were ‘overlooked’. #HellsKitchen,” said Shinkoda.

Daredevil Charlie Cox

Kevin Feige rebooting Daredevil

This isn’t actually the first that I’ve heard bad things about Jeph Loeb myself as you will recall last year at the San Diego Comic-Con when I was told by Marvel insiders about plans on the Daredevil reboot within the MCU that Loeb wasn’t liked within the industry and is an “a–hole.”

Loeb has since been fired by Kevin Feige who is developing Marvel’s first Asian superhero movie with Shang-Chi, and Feige is also now in control of the Marvel films, TV, and publishing (Marvel Studios and Marvel TV were previously separate under Disney).

Regarding the Daredevil reboot, recently also saw a Marvel insider offer that Feige will reboot the characters within the MCU, meaning no Charlie Cox, because Feige likes to do things his own way and doesn’t like to go with ideas that are not his own (i.e. Edgar Wright Ant-Man, Ryan Reynolds Deadpool). It’s said Feige thinks his fanbase will be happy with a new Daredevil no matter what.