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Sinister Six Said To Be Happening; Spider-Man Might Not Be At Marvel

Matt McGloin Posted: 01/22/2015 - 09:23 COMMENT


A pair of interesting tweets, which have since been deleted, surfaced stating the Sinister Six movie is happening.

A resident of Vancouver tweeted, "It seems the @SinisterSix movie is going to shoot in Vancouver. I might see Spider-Man running around my hood! I'll eat sand to be an extra."

The Twitter user apparently got confirmation about Sinister Six from someone who worked on Planet of the Apes.

"@Mugsyface dude who worked on Planet of the Apes and used our stock for it came back. Requested S6 stuff for research. Said it was happening."

The news of Sony moving forward on Sinister Six brings up the question whether or not Spider-Man is back at Marvel.

According to leaked e-mails from back around November, Sony and Marvel were in talks for Spider-Man to return to Marvel.

The e-mails revealed that if Spider-Man returned to Marvel, Sony would be fast-tracking a new Spider-Man solo movie, and also that Sinister Six was up in the air.

A Spider-Man summit was also said to be held this month to determine the future of Spider-Man at Sony.

It's possible with this news of Sony filming Sinister Six in Vancouver, that Sony is following their original plans to go with a Sinister Six movie first, possibly followed by Venom, a female superhero Spider-Man character film, and then Amazing Spider-Man 3.

In addition, both Sony and Marvel have recently denied rumors that Spider-Man is back at Marvel, with Sony stating the rumors had "no validity whatsoever" and Marvel seemingly being surprised by the latest rumors.