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NBC Cancels Constantine

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/14/2015 - 16:52 COMMENT


NBC has confirmed cancellation of Constantine.

Update: Showrunner Daniel Cerone has said Contstantine is not cancelled.

A blogger for BuzzFeed posted an article about network renewals and cancellations where she tweeted she fact-checked the information with every network.

Constantine has been on the bubble ever since NBC didn't order a full series for the first Season.

Fans of the series quickly took to social networks in an attempt to save the series with the #SaveConstantine hashtag, which regularly trended worldwide.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone has been vocal on Twitter as well. His last tweet as of April 6th read that NBC invited him to pitch Constantine Season 2 in late April, and added Constantine was not dead and to stay hopeful.

Now with, apparently, NBC confirming the cancellation of Constantine with BuzzFeed, it seems all hope for a Season 2 is gone.

There were rumblings that Constantine could be picked up by NBC's sister network, SyFy; however, an exec for SyFy stated the rumor wasn't true.

If Constantine was going to continue, scripts for Season 1 episodes that weren't used, would have been spun into Season 2.

The finale of Constantine saw a big reveal, which explained a lot, but also left fans with more questions than answers and the desire to see more.

Previously, NBC executives offered the reason for the potential cancellation of Constantine was due to live-viewings not getting high enough ratings, though subsequent DVR and online viewings were said to do well.

Warner Bros. will be using Constantine in the Guillermo del Toro Justice League Dark movie, which is separate than the TV show, but Guillermo delo Toro did state he would be open to using Matt Ryan.