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DC Comics To Reveal Joker's Real Name

Matt McGloin Posted: 03/26/2016 - 14:33 COMMENT

Update: You can check out over 100 images and a sizzle reel for DC Comics Rebirth event.

Update #2: Geoff Johns teases more about the Joker name reveal (video).


Just announced at WonderCon, it's revealed DC Comics will reveal Joker's real name.

Fans will recall back in Justice League #42 when Batman sat on the Mobius Chair that he asked it two questions: Who killed his parents (answer: Joe Chill), and what is the Joker's real name?

Batman responded, "That's not possible."

Well, DC never revealed the answer, but now they will.

At the big Rebirth panel at WonderCon, both Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok announced they are revealing what the Mobius Chair said and unleashed the following teaser art: